Lotus Ruan is a research fellow at The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs. Her research looks at how digital information and communications technologies are used by the state and society. Her writing has appeared in Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, ChinaFile, and Tech in Asia.

Last Updated: May 13, 2017



China May Become the World’s Leader in AI. But at What Cost?

Andrew Batson, Virgilio Bisio & more
The unprecedented amounts of data Chinese tech giants like Baidu and Alibaba collect is helping accelerate China’s development of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including facial recognition, automated retail operations, and...



Can China’s Approach to Internet Control Spread around the World?

Anne Henochowicz, Rogier Creemers & more
Earlier this month, citing concerns over “cyber sovereignty,” China’s Internet regulators announced new restrictions on the country’s already tightly controlled Internet—further curbing online news reporting and putting Party-appointed editors in...