Maria Adele Carrai is a sinologist and political scientist with an interest in conceptual history and the history of international law. She is currently a recipient of a three-year Marie Curie Fellowship at KU Leuven and a Fellow at Harvard University Asia Center. Dr. Carrai has published in various peer-reviewed journals. Her first book, Sovereignty in China. A Genealogy of a Concept since 1840 (Cambridge University Press, 2019) provides a historical perspective through which to better understand the path China is taking as a normative actor within the international order. Relying on her previous work, her new research project investigates how China’s rise as a global power is shaping norms and is redefining the international distribution of power. Dr. Carrai completed her Ph.D. in Law at the University of Hong Kong. She was a Research Fellow at Columbia University’s Italian Academy, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program, Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute, and Global Hauser Fellow at the New York University Law School.

Last Updated: April 8, 2019



How Should Europe Handle Relations with China?

Thorsten Benner, Ilaria Carrozza & more
When Xi Jinping visited Europe in late March, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker portrayed the future of EU-China relations in mixed terms: “We are strategic partners, and yes, rivals,” he said, “but competition among us is a good...