Hong Kong Movie Star Now a Motivational Speaker

Hong Kong Movie Star Now a Motivational Speaker

Nicholas Tse—the famous young Hong Kong singer, actor, and musician—is known for portraying irresponsible young rebels. People think that's what he's like in real life. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology invited Tse to be a speaker for the Asian Leadership Series on April 19, 2012. Tse is a young entrepreneur and the CEO of Post Production Office Limited, a fast-growing Hong Kong-based company specializing in video and film post-production. At the Asian Leadership Series, he gave a twenty-minute speech in English, followed by almost an hour of Q&A. The video was posted on websites like and immediately went viral. It has been watched on Youku by over 640,000 viewers. Most of the comments are from young people, many of whom find Tse's speech an inspiration for their own personal development.

Selected comments from Youku:

香港玩乐攻略fun: Nicholas Tse sharing with students his start-up experience and success story at HK University of Science and Technology as the CEO of his company. He delivered the speech in articulate and fluent English, looking much more attractive than any of his past roles. From being a pop singer, to a songwriter, a producer, actor, to an entrepreneur, he has been faithful to himself and passionate about his dreams....

LOVE雙子YOU: Nicholas Tse started his own business at the age of 22, what are we doing now at the age of 22?

心灵感悟1018: Nicholas Tse has completely changed my impression of him! I felt benefited!

star_TL: This video has been spreading like crazy recently. After finally finishing it tonight I have all kinds of admiration for him~

Samual_Huang: These days if you haven’t dropped out of school, you’re embarrassed to call yourself an entrepreneur.

李宛盈_4348: Talented. Just realize that his company made those familiar commercials. He’s a 100 percent good man! Like him so much!

channel_sue_超: I watched this video very seriously. It is very encouraging for young people like us! ps: Nicholas is very manly!

程庆雷: 1. WOW, it turns out Nicholas Tse is a real entrepreneur! His competence is impressive! 2. Students and teachers at HK University of Science and Technology are really impressive as well, the atmosphere there seems really enchanting! 3. Nicholas Tse looks a lot like Han Han when he smirks.

二手红颜: Nicholas Tse’s speech at HKUST on being a CEO, entirely delivered in English, completely changed my impression of him. The whole speech was off-script. He shared his personal and entrepreneurial experiences with insight, humor, and honesty. Nicholas quit school at a very young age, the same as another youth “leader” who’s quite anti-intellectualist (Han Han). But the difference is that Nicholas really regrets quitting school. He suggested students finish their studies, not repeat the wrong path he had followed.

Number-Ninety-five: People like Kai-Fu Lee and Nicholas Tse shouldn’t be going around talking to students about “start-up” business, it’s utterly meaningless because fundamentally they are not running with the rest of us from the same starting point. If they have any decency left they shouldn’t lie to students about this.

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