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The Spy Cables: Chinese Espionage in Africa

Eric Olander & Cobus van Staden
<p>Buried in the trove of secret intelligence documents known as “<a href="" target=...



Inside the Mind of a Chinese Hacker

Emily Parker
<p>In May, the U.S. announced the indictment of five Chinese hackers for breaking into the computers of U.S. companies. The men went by code names like UglyGorilla and KandyGoo. A recent report revealed that the hackers, who worked for Unit...

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Complaints, Nationalism, and Spoofs

Ouyang Bin & Zhang Xiaoran
<p>This week, United States government and American media charges of Chinese cyberattacks have led to a variety of responses from netizens across China. On February 19, a CNN camera crew tried to shoot video of the twelve-story military-owned...



On China’s Twitter, Discussion of Hacking Attacks Proceeds Unblocked

<p>As <a href=";_r=0" target="_blank"><em>The New York Times</em> reported...



Cyber Attacks—What’s the Best Response?

James Fallows, Xiao Qiang & more
<p>With regular ChinaFile Conversation contributor <a href="" target="_blank">Elizabeth Economy</a> on the road, we turned to her colleague <a href=...