A Subversive Voice in China

The Fictional World of Mo Yan

Mo Yan, the most prolific writer in present-day China as well as one of its most prominent avant-gardists, is an author whose literary works have enjoyed an enormous readership and have caught much critical attention not only in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan but also in many other countries around the world. This book provides the most comprehensive exposition of Mo Yan’s fiction in any language. Author Shelley Chan delves into Mo Yan’s entire collection of literary works, considering novels as well as short stories and novellas. In this analysis, Mo Yan’s works are dealt with in a diachronic fashion––Chan discusses the development of Mo Yan’s style throughout his career by considering themes that he has addressed in a variety of narratives over time. This provides the reader with valuable insight into understanding how individual narratives fit into the entire collection of Mo Yan’s body of literary work. Scholars will also welcome the book’s extensive reference to secondary scholarship and theory, which not only skillfully deals with the Chinese scholarship on Mo Yan but also thoroughly covers the English-language sources. This book on one of the most important figures in contemporary Chinese literary history will be a landmark resource for scholars in Asian studies, cultural studies, and literary criticism, as well as an enticing read for people interested in Chinese literature and historical fiction.  —Cambria Press

Shelley Wing Chan
Cambria Press
December 2010

Shelley Wing Chan is an assistant professor of Chinese Language and Cultural Studies at Wittenberg University. She teaches courses in Chinese language, literature and culture. A graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University, she earned her Master’s degree in East Asian Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her Ph. D. in Comparative Literature and Humanities at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She specializes in modern and contemporary Chinese literature, culture, and language pedagogy.

She has also carried out research on Tang poetry and popular literature of the Ming Dynasty, and has studied and written about gender issues from a cross-cultural perspective. Professor Wing Chan wrote a dissertation on the fiction of Mo Yan, one of the most prominent contemporary writers in mainland China, and is the editor of a volume of his selected stories for a Hong Kong publisher. Her articles and translations have appeared in both the U.S. and Hong Kong.