How common is it for a temporary activity to cover multiple provinces? Are some provincial Public Security Bureaus (PSBs) more likely to allow cross-provincial activities than others? How many of all the temporary activities are just being done by a few big organizations? Are we seeing a drop-off in organizations filing for temporary activities, or in organizations deciding not to come back after holding one or two? Are groups able to successfully “renew” their year-long...Read more
The China NGO Project has created the following visualizations based on data available on the Ministry of Public Security website, as well as on our own research. To analyze foreign NGO representative offices, we looked at organizations’ countries/regions of origin, province and date of registration, fields of work, and number of representative offices per organization. For foreign NGO temporary activities, we looked at organizations’ countries/regions of origin, locations of activity, fields of work, and lengths...Read more
Establishing operations in Taiwan wasn’t the most logical option for international organizations whose missions demanded they be on the ground to engage with the challenging but dynamic “wild west” of civil society work in the P.R.C. Could the Foreign NGO Law alter this status quo?Read more
The last year has seen extensive discussion of China’s Foreign NGO Law, focusing especially on whether or not the law would cause a major shift in the kind of work foreign NGOs are able to do in the mainland. Less often examined, however, is how China’s new regulatory structure differs from those of other countries or territories. The most obvious comparison is with other countries that have also recently implemented laws aimed at foreign non-profits,...Read more

Policy Analysis on China’s Civil Society Organizations

2017 Annual Report
Three policies emerged around 2017 that have a significant impact on the development of civil society organizations: the Law on Administration of Activities of Overseas [Foreign] Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China, effective the first week of the year; the Charity Law, effective September 2016; and the Opinion on the Reform of the Social Organization Management System and Promotion of the Healthy and Orderly Development of Social Organizations, jointly issued by the General Office...Read more