The China NGO Project has created the following visualizations based on data available on the Ministry of Public Security website, as well as on our own research. To analyze foreign NGO representative offices, we looked at organizations’ countries/regions of origin, province and date of registration, fields of work, and number of representative offices per organization. For foreign NGO temporary activities, we looked at organizations’ countries/regions of origin, locations of activity, fields of work, and lengths...Read more

Policy Analysis on China’s Civil Society Organizations

2017 Annual Report
Three policies emerged around 2017 that have a significant impact on the development of civil society organizations: the Law on Administration of Activities of Overseas [Foreign] Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China, effective the first week of the year; the Charity Law, effective September 2016; and the Opinion on the Reform of the Social Organization Management System and Promotion of the Healthy and Orderly Development of Social Organizations, jointly issued by the General Office...Read more
The advent of the Foreign NGO Law in January left many wondering what it portended for foreign NGOs’ work China. How many foreign NGOs would be able to register? Where in the mainland would they be able to operate? And how might the new registration and filing processes change the kind of work foreign NGOs would be able to carry out legally?Read more
Worries about the future of civil society organizations in China are limited to only a handful of European countries. Others put their faith in established informal ties or have subscribed to Chinese understandings of “people-to-people exchanges,” which are unlikely to be affected by restrictions on non-governmental organizations.Read more

Social Organizations and the 19th Party Congress

Neither the 19th Party Congress political report (issued in October 2017) nor the 18th Party Congress political report (issued in November 2012) actually use the term “non-governmental organization” (非政府组织), nor do they specifically address international NGOs. Instead, they use the phrase “social organization” (社会组织), the de rigueur official term that encompasses several more specific types of domestic non-profit registrations: social groups (社会团体), private non-enterprises (民办非企业单位), and foundations (基金会). The reports’ discussion of social organizations, however,...Read more