We regularly update this list of questions with information drawn from Chinese law, official statements, and our interviews about NGOs’ on-the-ground experiences

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has not offered clear guidance about this apparently common problem. The China NGO Project has learned from several foreign NGOs that many PSUs are either unprepared to or unwilling to sponsor foreign NGOs, sometimes including past partners. Further, there is no guidance as to how to approach a PSU about sponsoring a foreign NGO’s representative office (whether by phone, fax, letter, email, or in-person). (The MPS has, however, issued...Read more
Though the Ministry of Public Security has provided no specific guidance on this point, it appears that foreign NGOs may file one time for a program that will take place on non-contiguous dates during the year. (According to the Foreign NGO Law, no Temporary Activities may exceed one year in duration.) One foreign NGO told The China NGO Project that, according to its Chinese Partner, it would in theory be permitted to submit one filing...Read more
If my organization is carrying out one temporary activity in multiple provinces, must we file in each province, or simply file in the province where our Chinese Partner Unit is located?Though it appears that different provincial Public Security Bureaus (PSBs) have offered differing guidance on this point, two NGOs that spoke with The China NGO Project said that they were able to file with only one PSB for a temporary activity that took place in...Read more
Though the Ministry of Public Security does not appear to have issued official written guidance on this point, the registrations of multiple foreign NGO representative offices show that groups registered at the provincial level can indeed work throughout all of China if their Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) agree. As of August 2017, there are approximately 20 groups, registered in Gansu, Shandong, Yunnan, and Shanghai, that have provincial-level PSUs and are authorized to work throughout China.Read more
What constitutes “proof of funding” when filing for a temporary activity?In conversation with The China NGO project, multiple NGOs have expressed confusion about the exact documentation required to satisfy the requirement for “proof of funding” (“资金来源证明材料”) when filing for a temporary activity. We are unaware of detailed written guidance on this point, but one NGO reported providing its bank account information and a document detailing where the funding for its activity came from. A second...Read more