We regularly update this list of questions with information drawn from Chinese law, official statements, and our interviews about NGOs’ on-the-ground experiences

Articles 45 and 46 of the Foreign NGO Law list the sanctions that can be applied to foreign NGOs that are not compliant with the Law. These include the suspension of activities, the confiscation of illegal assets, and the withdrawal of registration certificates. Article 46 also states that in serious cases, “responsible personnel” can be detained for up to 10 days. As provided in Article 48, foreign NGOs that have had their representative office registration...Read more
The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has not offered formal guidance on this point, though it is becoming more pressing for NGOs who have been unable to obtain sponsorship from unresponsive Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs). Several NGOs have told The China NGO Project that public security officials seem to appreciate the challenges for foreign NGOs seeking a PSU, and that the NGOs themselves feel reasonably secure as long as they are making a good-faith effort...Read more
There does not appear to be one set answer to this question, despite the fact that a large number of successful temporary activity filings have taken place in multiple provinces. Different provincial Public Security Bureaus (PSBs) have offered differing guidance on this point in the past. Two NGOs that spoke with The China NGO Project said that they were able to file with only one PSB for a temporary activity that took place in multiple...Read more
The China NGO Project is not aware of any groups who have been explicitly denied registration by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) or by a provincial Public Security Bureau (PSB). Similarly, we are not aware of any groups who have had their temporary activity filings explicitly rejected by a PSB or being forcibly shut down while in process.Read more
Per information provided at a meeting between Ministry of Public Security (MPS) representatives and foreign diplomats in 2016, a foreign NGO’s representative office may have activities in multiple locations as long as the geographic scope of its work is consistent with the information it provided in its registration documents. If an NGO has multiple representative offices, the area of operations for these offices should not overlap; one office may not carry out activities in the...Read more