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Foreign NGO Employee Detained in Beijing

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Suggests Michael Kovrig of International Crisis Group Detained under Foreign NGO Law
On Monday night, Chinese authorities detained Michael Kovrig of the Brussels-based non-profit International Crisis Group (ICG) in Beijing. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested—though did not definitively state—that Kovrig may have been detained under the auspices of the Foreign NGO Law.Read more

‘Scientific’ Programming, Annual Plan Guidance, and Foreign NGO Law Publicity

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—November 16, 2018
November 16, 2018:Recently, the Fujian Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office issued a registration certificate to BSK International (Germany). The PSB congratulated BSK on their newly-registered Xiamen representative office, indicated it would coordinate with the group’s Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU) to provide legal guidance and policy support, and expressed its hope that the group would maintain good communications with its PSU and conduct its activities in accordance with the law. BSK thanked the...Read more

Temporary Activities Filterable Table

This filterable table lists the temporary activities that foreign NGOs have filed for since January 2017, and includes foreign NGOs’ activity names, Chinese Partner Units, activity dates, and activity locations. Type your search term(s) in the fields above each column to filter the results. You can filter multiple columns simultaneously.Read more
The following interactive graphics display information about currently-registered foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China as provided by the Ministry of Public Security website. The interactive map shows the approximate location of foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China. The filterable table provides the same information in a searchable text format.Read more

How Outsiders View ‘Civil Society,’ the Stages of Chinese Charity, and Partnering with Domestic NGOs

A Roundup of Recent NGO-Related Content from around the Web
Several of the recommendations made during the UN Human Rights Council’s recent Universal Periodic Review of China’s human rights record pertain to civil society and NGOs. Bin Xu, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Emory University, discusses how the Sichuan earthquake affected civic engagement in China, and also explains the differences in domestic and international perceptions of “civil society.” Huo Weiya, founder of a charity-related social enterprise, writes in China Development Brief that the development of the People’s Republic...Read more