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The following interactive graphics display information about currently-registered foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China as provided by the Ministry of Public Security website. The interactive map shows the approximate location of foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China. The filterable table provides the same information in a searchable text format.Read more

Temporary Activities Filterable Table

This filterable table lists the temporary activities that foreign NGOs have filed for since January 2017, and includes foreign NGOs’ activity names, Chinese Partner Units, activity dates, and activity locations. Type your search term(s) in the fields above each column to filter the results. You can filter multiple columns simultaneously.Read more

Webinar on Philanthropy Law in China

Council on Foundations (COF) recently hosted a webinar on Philanthropy Law in China, featuring Dr. Shawn Shieh and The China NGO Project editor Jessica Batke. From COF:Shawn presented the current landscape for philanthropy in China, with a special focus on changes resulting from the 2016 Charity Law and Overseas NGO law. He also discussed the rise of philanthropy in China, delved into the new legal scheme presented by 2016 laws, and explored best practices for...Read more

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Temporary Activities

. . . Or at Least All We Know about Them So Far
How often does a temporary activity take place in more than one province? How many temporary activities come from “unique” foreign NGOs—is it mostly the same few NGOs doing all the temporary activities, or are there lots of foreign NGOs just doing one or two activities? Are foreign NGOs able to use the temporary activity mechanism, which has a one-year time limit, to carry out multi-year activities? Find answers to these questions and others in...Read more
China Development Brief (CDB) is conducting a survey of foreign NGOs working—or hoping to work—in mainland China.Read more