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Zhaoqing city in Guangdong province participated in two local outreach meetings in late September related to the Foreign NGO Law. On September 22, the Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office held a training session related to Article 43 of the Foreign NGO Law, which states, “Departments in charge of national security, foreign affairs, finance, financial regulation, customs, taxation and foreign experts shall oversee and supervise overseas NGOs and their representative offices according...Read more
The Foreign NGO Law and civil society cooperation more generally featured at the inaugural U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue on September 28. As described in the U.S. statement on the dialogue, “Both sides discussed China’s foreign NGO management law, and concurred that it will not impede the legal activities of American NGOs in China. The United States looks forward to consultations with China on the foreign NGO management law before the end of this year.”...Read more
The State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development has issued guidelines for NGOs requesting the Office to serve as its Professional Supervisory Unit or as its Chinese Partner Unit for representative offices and temporary activities, respectively.Read more

Additional Analysis from China Development Brief

China Development Brief (CDB) has posted two additional articles stemming from its July conference on foreign NGOs in China. One is from Wang Chao, Save the Children International’s China representative, who “suggests that international NGOs should turn their focus more [toward] self-examination, arguing that only when they reassess what they can bring to the table will they find a way out for the future.” The second is a question-and-answer session with several of the experts...Read more
New in our Analysis section: Rob Precht of Justice Labs argues that the obstacles the Foreign NGO Management Law creates for already beleaguered international human rights and rule of law organizations mean businesses and universities need to assume more responsibility for challenging human rights abuses and advancing their principles in the areas of law and rights.Read more