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Public Security Infographic: Make Sure Foreign NGOs Have Filed!

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—January 9-10, 2019
The MPS forwarded a cartoon and infographic about the Foreign NGO Law, which offers a general overview of the law, such as information on what defines a foreign NGO, what sectors foreign NGOs are able to work in, who registration and supervising authorities are, what paperwork is required to register or file, and what foreign NGOs are not permitted to do. As many of the details of registration and filing have been covered on this...Read more

Foreign NGO Publicity and ‘110 Day’ in Jiangsu and Anhui, Meetings with NGOs in Yunnan and Ningxia

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—January 23-25, 2019
Recently, the Jiangsu Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Department combined the two-year anniversary of the Foreign NGO Law with “110 Publicity Day” to actively promote the Law. [110 is China’s emergency police number.] The department posted a “authoritative explanation” of the Foreign NGO Law on a provincial PSB WeChat account, posted a related cartoon at the top of their home webpage, and coordinated with city- and county-level PSBs to post related content to...Read more

Temporary Activities Filterable Table

This filterable table lists the temporary activities that foreign NGOs have filed for since January 2017, and includes foreign NGOs’ activity names, Chinese Partner Units, activity dates, and activity locations. Type your search term(s) in the fields above each column to filter the results. You can filter multiple columns simultaneously.Read more
The following interactive graphics display information about currently-registered foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China as provided by the Ministry of Public Security website. The interactive map shows the approximate location of foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China. The filterable table provides the same information in a searchable text format.Read more
Bertram Lang and Heike Holbig recently published an overview of the Foreign NGO Law’s effect on Europe-based non-profits, titled “Civil Society Work in China: Trade-Offs and Opportunities for European NGOs.” Though the article is primarily focused on Europe, much of its analysis is pertinent to international groups hailing from elsewhere in the world.Read more