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We’ve recently updated our FAQ on the definition of a “temporary activity.” Though there is still no clear-cut definition, we’ve added additional detail from informed sources to help address questions about whether authorities are likely consider a particular event a “temporary activity.” This includes factors such as activity funding, publicity, and attendee affiliation. See the full FAQ here.Read more

November Data Now Included in Data Visualizations

We’ve updated our suite of data visualizations to include information through the end of November. Several new countries of origin were represented among foreign NGOs that successfully registered their first representative office in November, namely Brazil, Croatia, Madagascar, and Thailand. Among foreign NGOs that filed for temporary activities, Sri Lanka and the Philippines were newly-represented countries of origin.Read more
The following interactive graphics display information about foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China as provided by the Ministry of Public Security website. The interactive map shows the approximate location of foreign NGOs’ representative offices in China. The table provides the same information in a sortable text format.Read more

Temporary Activities Sortable Table

This sortable table lists the temporary activities that foreign NGOs have filed for since January 2017, and includes foreign NGOs’ activity names, Chinese Partner Units, activity dates, and activity locations. Click on any heading column to sort the table data alphabetically or numerically, based on the column clicked. Click on the same column again to sort in reverse alphabetical or numerical order.Read more
November 24, 2017: On November 21, the State Forestry Administration convened a meeting on the Foreign NGO Law, attended by 28 provincial- and city-level Forestry offices as well as by the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office. Participants discussed various forestry offices’ work with foreign NGOs and the Beijing PSB emphasized its desire to continue to cooperate with forestry officials.Read more