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March 20, 2018

County in Yunnan ‘Cleans Up’ Foreign NGOs and Foundations

The Discipline Inspection Commission website for Qujing City, Shizong County, Yunnan province recently posted an article describing the actions the county took in response to the recommendations of a provincial discipline inspection team that inspected the county last summer. The “rectification” actions taken by the county are grouped into three categories: Party leadership, Party building, and Party governance. Under the Party leadership section, one paragraph details the measures the county took to deal with two specific “evil cults,” including a “clean-up” campaign aimed at foreign NGOs and foundations.

The China NGO Project has translated the relevant paragraph in full:

(5) Rectification situation regarding the inadequately forceful implementation of the ideological work responsibility system. [The county] formulated and promulgated “Rules and Regulations for Implementing the County Commission Ideological Work Responsibility System”; increased the weight of ideology when allocating points [to cadres during their] comprehensive evaluations; and layer by layer stressed the implementation of the ideological work responsibility system. Regarding the issue of evil cults such as “Falun Gong” and “Mentuhui” remaining active, [the county] perfected its cult prevention and anti-cult work mechanism; divided up the key Party and government personnel working on cults into a “guarantee” supervision responsibility system; began a cult prevention and anti-cult propaganda activity and a “Zero Cults” campaign; and conducted a thorough-going clean-up campaign aimed at foreign NGOs and foundations active in the county. [The county] established an inspection system to judge, report on, supervise, assess, and [assign] responsibility [for] ideological work, as well as a mechanism to rapidly respond to and handle public sentiment; assembled a squad to evaluate ideological matters; and established a foundation for strengthening positive public opinion guidance.

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