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June 27, 2018

Recommended Reading: China-Focused Special Issue of Nonprofit Policy Forum

Nonprofit Policy Forum, an international journal focused on public policy as it relates to the work of non-profit organizations, recently released a Special Issue on Nonprofit Policymaking in China. The issue delves into the policy styles, goals, and drivers of non-profit policy-making in China as a means to explain China’s recent non-profit policy-making momentum, power reconfiguration, and organizational developments. The topics covered include: varying government policy approaches related non-profits under the Xi administration, varying non-profit approaches to policy advocacy during the same time period, government service purchasing from social organizations, the significance of the Foreign NGO Law in terms of clarifying the permitted role of international groups in China, Chinese NGOs’ “going out,” and an analysis of the Chinese state’s absorption of civil society groups as a facet of the government’s turn toward neo-totalitarianism. The articles collectively offer a broad but comprehensive insight into nonprofit policy in China.

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