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After Ten Months, What Do We Still Not Know?

As we approach one year since the Foreign NGO Law went into effect, these are some of the common questions and concerns we’re hearing from legal professionals, scholars, funders, and NGOs themselves—along with any answers we are able to offer. The questions run the gamut from practical to existential. Some of the questions are new, as the foreign NGO community’s collective experience working under the law brings to light additional issues, but some still remain...Read more
According to data from the Ministry of Public Security, the Liaoning Public Security Bureau is now serving as the Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU) for a Taiwanese NGO. This is the first time since the Foreign NGO Law went into effect in January that a public security organ has agreed to serve as a foreign NGO’s PSU. It is also notable since public security entities were not initially included in the Ministry of Public Security’s 2017...Read more
We’ve updated our suite of data visualizations to include the month of October.Of note, Qinghai registered its first representative office last month, while Anhui, Hainan, Hebei, Ningxia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, and Xinjiang Bingtuan all remained without any foreign NGO representative offices in their jurisdictions.In terms of temporary activities, Hong Kong-based groups are still the source of the majority of activities, filing for more than 190 between January and October (50 of these activities, however, were carried...Read more
As part of an ongoing effort to streamline red tape, on October 31 the National People’s Congress Standing Committee struck several provisions from a draft version of the Accounting Law currently under deliberation, which in turn affected the portion of the Foreign NGO Law related to accounting services. The alterations to the draft Accounting Law eliminate the need for accountants to obtain formal professional qualifications; instead, individuals’ capabilities and “professional morals” will qualify them to...Read more

Fact Sheet on China’s Foreign NGO Law

What is the Foreign NGO Law, and why did the P.R.C. create it? The “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China” was adopted by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee on April 28, 2016. It came into effect January 1, 2017. The Chinese Communist Party (C.C.P.) has publicly stressed the need to regulate foreign NGOs in key Party meetings since October 2013...Read more