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07.6.15 Hillary Clinton says China Hacks into “Everything that Doesn’t Move”
Quartz / Jake Flanigin
The Democratic presidential candidate accused Chinese hackers of stealing “huge amounts of government information.”
Law, Media, Politics, Technology
07.6.15 Chinese Tourists Warned over Turkey Uighur Protests
China advised citizens against travelling to Turkey after it said several tourists were attacked in protests over the Chinese government's treatment of Uighur Muslims.
Education, History, Media, Religion
07.6.15 China Stocks Rise as Beijing’s Emergency Moves Brings Some Relief
Reuters / Samuel Shen and Pete Sweeney
Support measures unleashed by Beijing brought some relief to a market after headlong slide over three weeks. 
Business, Economy, Law
07.2.15 Beijing's National Security Law Could Create New Tensions
International Business Times / Michelle FlorCruz
China adopted a national security law which defines issues in cyberspace, outer space, the deep sea and, the South China Sea, as areas it has the right to defend.
Business, Military, Politics, Technology
07.2.15 At Least Eleven People Killed in a Bus Crash in China
/ Ryan Ramgobin
Eleven people died in a bus crash after the vehicle fell off a highway bridge in north-eastern China.
Health, Politics, Society, Urban Life
07.2.15 GSK’s Viiv Arm Agrees China Tie-up to Produce HIV Drugs
Financial Times / Andrew Ward
GlaxoSmithKline signs a deal to manufacture cut-price HIV drugs in China as the UK group rebuilds its presence after a corruption scandal.
Business, Health, Politics
07.2.15 Why are China’s Stock Markets so Volatile?
Financial Times / Josh Noble
Home to the world’s largest equity markets after the US, China is still extremely volatile with benchmark indices often swinging as much as 10 per cent in a matter of hours.
Business, Economy, Politics
07.2.15 Fears Raised as "A Third" of China Great Wall Vanishes
CNN / Maggie Hiufu Wong and Serena Dong
About 30%, of the ancient fortification built in the Ming Dynasty era has disappeared due to natural erosion and human damage, according to the Beijing Times.
Environment, History, Media
07.2.15 China: The Indian Ocean can’t be India’s backyard
Business Insider
Chinese military officials warn that the Indian Ocean is not India's "backyard" and may result in clashes.
Business, Economy, Military, Politics
07.2.15 Local Filmmakers Must Raise Their Game to Compete With Hollywood
Hollywood Reporter / Clifford Coonan
Chen Kaige says that while the movie industry booms in China, local filmmakers need to raise their standards to compete with Hollywood.
Arts, Business, Media, Politics