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07.31.15 Guo Boxiong Expelled From Chinese Communist Party in Bid to Reform Military
/ Philip Wen
The military has been a core focus of President Xi Jinping's campaign against official corruption.
Business, Economy, History, Politics
07.31.15 China’s Naked Emperors
New York Times / Paul Krugman
By trying to control the market China's rulers show that despite 25 years of success they have no idea what they’re doing.
Business, Economy, History, Media, Politics
07.31.15 China Gets the 2022 Winter Olympics
Beijing will stage the winter games in the desert.
Business, Environment, Media, Politics
07.31.15 China Shares Suffer Worst Month in Nearly Six Years
Wall Street Journal / Chao Deng
Shaken confidence in Beijing’s role in market led to wild swings in recent days.
Business, Economy, Politics
07.30.15 In China, Michael Jordan Does Not Hold Rights to His Own Name
Quartz / Zheping Huang
Jordan first sued Qiaodan Sports in 2012 for using his Chinese name, his team number 23, and a jumping man logo to sell basketball shoes and jerseys.
Business, Law, Media, Politics
07.30.15 China’s Film Industry Is Gaining on Hollywood
/ Bilge Ebiri
Chinese audiences are growing, more theaters are being built, and the movies are getting better.
Arts, Business, Media, Politics
07.28.15 The Ad That Cracked China’s Infertility Taboo
Bloomberg / Adam Minter
The country's infertility rates are rising rapidly among couples of child-bearing age, reaching 12.5 percent in 2012, compared with 3 percent in 1992, according to a government study. There are about 40 million infertile couples in China, as well as...
Health, Science, Society
07.27.15 China’s Shares Tumble Again
New York Times / Neil Gough
Artists, essayists, lawyers, bloggers and others deemed to be online troublemakers have been hauled into police stations and investigated or imprisoned for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” a charge that was once confined to physical activities...
Business, Economy, Politics
07.27.15 China’s Un-separation of Powers
Foreign Affairs / Christopher K. Johnson and Scott Kennedy
U.S. industry has figured out how to pull the levers of power in China but also points to a substantial change in how China is governed. In the past, there was at least some separation between party and government roles, but it seems that the line is...
Business, Economy, Politics
07.27.15 China’s “New Normal” is Shifting the Country’s Economic Center of Gravity
Quartz / Richard Macauley
But it is not only because more developed cities are slowing that the rest of China is advancing. Smaller, poorer cities are also innovating their way out of the doldrums. Guiyang, capital of Guizhou, China’s poorest province, tops this year’s report as...