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10.24.14 Zhou Xiaoping, Director of History
/ Josh Rudolph
Since nationalistic blogger Zhou Xiaoping’s “positive energy” won accolades from Xi Jinping at the Beijing Forum on Literature in Art last week, he has been the subject of much netizen scrutiny, and some have taken him to task for his blatant...
History, Media, Politics
10.24.14 China Vows Better Rule of Law, But No Word of Disgraced Security Chief
/ Sui-Lee Wee
The moves, made at a closed-door meeting of the ruling party's elite, are pivotal to the workings of China's market economy.
Economy, Law, Politics
10.24.14 China’s Coal Use Actually Falling Now (For the First Time this Century)
/ Lauri Myllyvirta
The data suggests the world's largest economy is finally starting to radically slow down its emission growth, and it comes ahead of key talks next year on a new global climate and energy deal.
Energy, Environment, Politics
10.24.14 Net Closes on Ling Jihua, One-Time Top Aide to Ex-President Hu Jintao
/ Staff Reporters
Hu has been conspicuously silent over the investigation.
Law, Media, Politics
10.24.14 China’s Alibaba Reportedly Eyeing 37 Percent Stake in Lionsgate
Hollywood Reporter / Etan Vessing
The New York Post reported on Friday that the chairman of Lionsgate is looking to unload his influential stake in the mini-studio, with Ma in line to possibly buy it.
Arts, Business, Society
10.24.14 Ministry Said to Propose Local Governments Issuing Bonds to Cover Debts
Caixin / Huo Kan
Outstanding central and local government debt totaled 20.7 trillion yuan at the end of June last year, data from the National Audit Office show.
Business, Economy, Law
10.24.14 A Chance to Introduce Social and Environmental Protections
New York Times / David Dollar, Hugh White, Oliver Rui, Elizabeth Economy
Instead of opposing its creation, the U.S. should consider joining the bank as a means of guaranteeing that it matches world-class financing strength with world-class environmental practices.
Business, Economy, Politics
10.21.14 "Like Running on Mars" - Runners share their Beijing Marathon Stories
/ Steve George
To run or not to run? That was the question faced by entrants in Sunday’s Beijing marathon, as they awoke to find hazardous levels of pollution engulfing the city. 
Environment, Health, Urban Life
10.21.14 Hong Kong’s High Court Orders Protesters Off Roads in Mong Kok and Admiralty
/ Staff Reporters
In an interview with The New York Times, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying hinted at possible intervention by the central government if the situation remained unresolved.
Law, Politics, Urban Life
10.21.14 Presumed Guilty in China’s War on Corruption, Targets Suffer Abuses
New York Times / Andrew Jacobs and Chris Buckley
One beating left Wang Guanglong, a midlevel official from China’s Fujian Province, partly deaf, according to his later testimony.
Law, Politics, Society