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01.23.15 Reporter Honored for Helping Clear the Name of Dead Man
China Daily / Ma Chi
Hugjiltu, a man of Mongolian ethnicity, was sentenced to death for rape and murder in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, in 1996. The 18-year-old was executed 62 days after being charged, despite doubts about the evidence against...
History, Law, Society
01.23.15 The Pacific Power Index
Foreign Policy / Tea Leaf Nation Staff
The world's most important relationship isn't the superpower showdown most analysts would have you believe. It’s a constantly shifting, symbiotic relationship shaped by millions of people, not just officials in Washington and Beijing.
Media, Politics, Society
01.23.15 Who’s Afraid of China’s Economy Slowing? Not Alibaba’s Jack Ma
Reuters / Nadia Damouni
"If China still keeps 9 percent growth of the economy there must be something wrong. You will never see the blue sky. You will never see quality. China should pay attention to the quality of the economy," he said in a question-and-answer session at the...
Business, Economy, Media, Politics
01.22.15 China’s Wanda Cinema Stock Surges in Market Debut
Hollywood Reporter / Clifford Coonan
Wanda has earmarked $200 million of the proceeds from the IPO to expand its exhibition network to 260 theaters and 2,300 screens by the end of next year.
Arts, Business, Economy
01.22.15 Study Examines How Overseas Chinese Students Respond to Criticism of Their Country
Inside Higher Ed / Elizabeth Redden
Do conversations between domestic and foreign students result in mutual understanding and friendly feelings?
Education, Media
01.22.15 Obama’s Top Asia Adviser: Goal is for Complete Trade Pact in 2015
Reuters / David Brunnstrom
Evan Medeiros, senior director for Asia at the U.S. National Security Council, asked about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, said: "We are confident we can and we will get it done."
Business, Economy, Law, Politics
01.22.15 China Says Ousted Security Tsar’s Influence Corrupted Others
Reuters / Megha Rajagopalan
Last year, China arrested Zhou and expelled him from the party, accusing him of crimes ranging from taking bribes to leaking state secrets.
History, Law, Politics
01.22.15 Chinese Director’s Film For Greenpeace Shows How Smog Changes Everything
Huffington Post / Matt Sheehan
The film follows families from Hebei, in heavily polluted industrial northern China, and from Beijing, the prosperous Chinese capital next door, that has seen epic pollution emergencies recently.
Energy, Environment, Law, Media, Politics
01.22.15 Xi’s Yunnan Visit Highlights Poverty Elimination, Ethnic Solidarity
Xinhua / Xinhua
President Xi Jinping seeks to rally support for a "tough battle" against poverty and to speed up growth in the country's relatively underdeveloped ethnic regions.
Economy, Politics, Religion, Rural Life
01.22.15 Don’t Worry About China Slowdown, Premier Li Tells Davos
Bloomberg / Bonnie Cao, Zijing Wu, and Xin Zhou
China will avoid a hard landing and is focused on ensuring long-term medium-to-fast growth, Premier Li Keqiang told global leaders in Davos.
Business, Economy, Politics