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12.17.14 Beijing Cannot Count on Easy Money to Sustain Its Economic Miracle
Financial Times / Ruchir Sharma
Just three months ago the main Chinese stock market was dormant. Since then it has surged 30 per cent and has started to show signs of the manic trading that normally does not appear until a bull market has been gathering steam for years.
Business, Economy, History, Media
12.17.14 Israeli Tech Startups Attract Chinese Investors
Wall Street Journal / Orr Hirschauge
As China scours the world for tech investments, it is increasingly flocking to Israel for the next big thing.
Business, Economy, Media, Technology
12.17.14 Dalai Lama Concedes He May Be the Last
Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has said he realizes that he may be the last to hold the title. But he told the BBC it would be better that the centuries-old tradition ceased "at the time of a popular Dalai Lama".
History, Politics, Religion, Society
12.17.14 China’s Mountain Hermits Seek a Highway to Heaven
Agence France-Presse / Tom Hancock
His unheated hut is half way up a mountain with no electricity, and his diet consists mostly of cabbage. But Master Hou says he has found a recipe for joy. "There is no happier way for a person to live on this earth," he declared, balancing on a hard...
History, Religion, Rural Life, Society
12.17.14 Maldives to Officially Join China's Maritime Silk Route Policy
Global Times / Xinhua
"With projects such as oil exploration and bridge construction in the agenda for discussion, the meeting will benefit economies of both countries. This is a great achievement to us as well," Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed told local media...
Business, Economy, History, Law
12.17.14 Diversity the New Game for Macau as Gambling Revenues Tumble
South China Morning Post / Tiffany Ap
When inaugural chief executive Edmund Ho Hau-wah threw the liberalisation dice that took Macau's flagging gaming industry into the 21st century in 2002, few could have predicted its stellar rise to become the top city for global gaming, leaving Las Vegas...
Business, Economy, History, Urban Life
12.15.14 China’s Double-Edged Pact
New York Times / Martin Adams
Whether China is a climate hero or a climate villain is a matter of polarized debate. At one extreme, the world’s biggest carbon-emitter is portrayed as a wasteful bogeyman that obstructs efforts to halt global warming and “steals” clean-tech jobs...
Business, Energy, Environment, Law, Politics
12.15.14 Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Make It Clear He's Cool with China
Huffington Post / Matt Sheehan
Lu Wei, the Chinese Internet czar who heads a censorship system that keeps many popular American sites—including, of course, Facebook—out of China, was touring American tech companies recently. Chinese media reported that when he arrived at Zuckerberg's...
Business, Law, Media, Politics, Technology
12.15.14 San Gabriel Valley’s El Monte Getting a Boost from Chinese Investors
Los Angeles Times / Frank Shyong
Trucks loaded with construction materials park in front of a vacant lot in El Monte, where a homeless man slumbers on the sidewalk next to a mountain of rags and trash bags. Overhead, colorful flags whip in the breeze, advertising opportunities for...
Business, Economy, History, Urban Life
12.15.14 China’s Lost Generation Finds Itself in Ukraine
Bloomberg / Adam Minter
A working class high-school graduate who scored abysmally on China's college entrance exam, Mei now owns his own business, claims title to three-quarters of an acre of land, lives in a split-level house, and is married to an eighteen-year-old who—the...
History, Media, Society, Urban Life