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09.19.14 Dalai Lama: Chinese President Xi Jinping is ‘More Open Minded’
/ Vibhuti Agarwal
India's support of the Dalai Lama, who fled to India after a Chinese crackdown in the Himalayan region in 1959, has been a source of friction between the two countries.
History, Military, Politics, Religion
09.18.14 Towards an Asian Century of Prosperity
/ Xi Jinping
The combination of the world’s factory and the world’s back office will produce the most competitive production base, writes Xi Jinping , President of China
Business, Economy, History, Politics
09.18.14 Uighur Scholar Ilham Tohti Goes on Trial in China on Separatist Charges
The New York Times / Edward Wong
A conviction of Ilham Tohti for separatism could result in the death penalty, but in his case life imprisonment is likely to be the maximum punishment because of the specific charges.
Law, Politics, Religion
09.17.14 China’s Central Bank Said to Inject $81bn Into System
The move may be the first of several stimulus measures, analysts say. It is aimed at lifting business confidence and investment following a string of weak economic data.
09.17.14 Misunderstanding China
/ Michael Pillsbury
How did Western policy makers and academics repeatedly get China so wrong?
Business, History, Military, Politics
09.17.14 With Much at Stake, Chinese Leader Visits India
The New York Times / Ellen Barry
China has the ability to channel billions of dollars into Indian infrastructure and manufacturing projects, allowing Mr. Modi to pursue the jobs-creation agenda that was at the heart of his campaign.
Business, Economy, Politics
09.16.14 China Says Anti-Monopoly Regulators Targeting More Chinese than Foreigners
/ Massoud Hayoun
Chinese diplomats say fewer than 10 percent of enterprises targeted for price fixing were foreign-funded.
Business, Law
09.16.14 China’s Moment of Truth: Financial Reform or Growth?
/ Lingling Wei, Bob Davis and Mark Magnier
With economy faring worse than thought, efforts to reform are colliding with the need to boost growth.
09.16.14 Chinese Studio Huayi Brothers to Invest $130 Million in New U.S. Branch
The leading Beijing based independent film production house didn’t say where its U.S. office might be or hint at the number of employees it expects to staff its operation. The plan still needs official Chinese approval.
Arts, Business
09.16.14 Report Says The iPhone 6 Won’t Be In China Until 2015
Business Insider / Jay Yarow
There was a brief post on Apple's website that said the devices would be available in China on September 26th, but that post has since been removed.
Business, Technology