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10.29.14 China Quietly Gives Global News Awards
/ David Bandurski
Although the WMS was, according to Chinese state media, “co-launched by Xinhua News Agency and other major media organizations around the world,” the event has always been solidly China’s prerogative.
History, Media, Society
10.29.14 It’s Time to Give China Some Time
/ William Pesek
There’s also evidence the country may be approaching something of a Henry Ford moment, when a manufacturing-based economy matures to point where workers can afford to buy the products they're making.
Business, Economy, History, Society
10.29.14 Nine out of 10 Hong Kong Activists Say Will Fight on for a Year
/ Reuters
The most tenacious protests since the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997 have already persisted beyond most expectations.
Law, Politics, Urban Life
10.29.14 China to Ban Extralegal Administration with Power List
/ Xinhua
The new policy hopes to curb problems in administration and law enforcement such as failure in strictly observing or enforcing the law, putting their power above law, bending law for personal gains and power-for-money trades, Xi Jinping said.
History, Law, Society, Urban Life
10.29.14 Ex-General in China Admits He Took Bribes, Report Says
New York Times / Chris Buckley
“Xu Caihou fully confessed to the facts of his bribetaking crimes,” said the brief Xinhua report. It did not give any details of who gave the bribes or how much Mr. Xu took.
Media, Military, Politics, Society
10.29.14 Taking Back Hong Kong’s Future
New York Times / Joshua Wong Chi-Fung
Since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, less than a year after I was born, the people of this city have muddled through with a political system that leaves power in the hands of the wealthy and the well-connected.
Law, Politics, Society, Urban Life
10.29.14 China Says It Will Be Good Host to Japan During APEC
Voice of America / Reuters
A one-on-one meeting would be a symbolic breakthrough in ties between the world's second- and third-biggest economies, which have turned frigid in the past two years over a territorial row.
Economy, History, Military, Politics
10.27.14 Xinhua Insight: China's Legal Renaissance Sounds Death Knell for Guanxi
/ Xinhua
As the curtain fell on a key meeting on rule of law on Thursday, Israeli Yuval Golan, 29, felt good about his business prospects in what should be a more transparent and predictable China.
Law, Politics, Society, Urban Life
10.27.14 600-Year-Old Chinese Book Found in California
/ Lian Zi
The manuscript of a unique volume of the Yongle Encyclopedia (Yongle Dadian), a 16th century Chinese encyclopedia, was uncovered by a Chinese archivist at the Huntington Library in southern California.
Arts, History
10.27.14 Japan Builds Response to Chinese Area-Denial Strategy
/ Paul Kallender-Umezu
Japan’s response to Chinese anti-access/area-denial threats rest on three planks: increasingly large helicopter carriers, next-generation 3,300-ton Soryu-class submarines and new Aegis destroyers.
Military, Politics, Technology