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04.22.14 Obama Faces Headwinds on Trans-Pacific Partnership in East Asia trip
/ Kristine Kwok
Negotiations with Japan on a 12-nation transpacific trade liberalisation deal are bogged down, while support for it is waning in Malaysia, which could pull out altogether under pressure from business concerns. Analysts say the negotiations, which...
Business, Economy, Law, Politics
04.22.14 China’s Growing Human Rights Movement Can Claim Many Accomplishments
/ Teng Biao
Since Xi Jinping became president of China, there has been a sustained crackdown on advocates of democracy and civil society. A couple hundred Chinese citizens have been arrested and tried or await trial. Lawyer and activist Xu Zhiyong , a...
Politics, Society
04.22.14 China Could Become the World’s Largest Christian Country
/ Joshua Keating
China likely already has more Protestants—an estimated 58 million—than South Africa or Brazil, major centers of evangelical revival,  and 67 million Christians in all—larger than the total population of France. More people go to church on...
Religion, Society
04.22.14 Xi’s Corruption Crackdown Hits China's Restaurants
/ Dexter Filkins
Dirty officials aren’t the only ones getting slammed as Xi Jinping continues his crackdown on corruption and waste. China’s restaurant industry grew 9 percent, to 2.56 trillion yuan ($411 billion), last year, its slowest growth in more than two decades,...
Business, Politics
04.22.14 U.S. Department of State: Preview of President Obama's Upcoming Trip to Asia
U.S. State Department / Ben Rhodes and Evan Medeiros
This is the President’s fifth trip to the Asia Pacific region, which has been a focus of our foreign policy. It makes up in part for the trip he was not able to take last fall because of the government shutdown, with the stops in Malaysia and the...
04.16.14 Billions of Hours Wasted: Candy Crush Comes to China
/ Paul Mozur
Tencent will promote King Enterainment's highly addictive game on its mobile chat application WeChat, which now has 355 million monthly active users.
Society, Technology
04.16.14 A Role for Taiwan in Promoting Peace in the South China Sea
Center for Strategic and International Studies / Bonnie Glaser
Taiwan has a chance to set a positive example and chart a peaceful course in managing and eventually resolving East Asian maritime disputes.
History, Law, Military, Politics
04.16.14 Why Ukraine Crisis has China in a Bind
/ Christopher Chivvis and Bonny Lin
Concerns that Chinese hardliners could seek to use Crimea as a precedent for moves against disputed territories in the Asia-Pacific should not be overplayed.
History, Law, Media, Military
04.16.14 China’s Losers: Disillusioned Office Workers
/ Gady Epstein
Amid spreading prosperity, a generation of self-styled also-rans emerges.
Health, History, Politics, Urban Life
04.16.14 China Gets First Bitcoin ATM, Skirting Bank Crackdown
/ Pete Sweeney
Strong interest from Chinese speculators drove up global bitcoin prices last year to above $1,000, sparking a crackdown by the People's Bank of China.
Economy, Politics, Technology