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07.29.14 China Puts Ex-Security Chief Zhou Yongkang Under Investigation
China launched a formal investigation into one of the Communist Party’s most senior figures, lifting a cloak of immunity that has shielded the country’s highest ranks for at least 25 years, in President Xi Jinping’s boldest move yet to solidify his power.
Law, Politics
07.28.14 China Activists Fight Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’
/ John Sudworth
Gay rights activists in China are preparing for what they say could be a legal milestone in their fight to stop homosexuality being treated as an illness.
Law, Politics, Society
07.28.14 China’s Leaders Draw Lessons From War of ‘Humiliation’
The lessons from the twilight of the Qing Dynasty have become all the more pointed today, when Chinese-Japanese ties are tenser than they have been for decades, and President Xi Jinping of China has embarked on an ambitious program to overhaul the...
History, Politics, Society
07.28.14 China Removes Crosses From Two More Churches in Crackdown
/ Andrew Jacobs
In another sign of the authorities’ efforts to contain one of China’s fastest-growing religions, a government demolition campaign against public symbols of the Christian faith has toppled crosses at two more churches in the coastal province of Zhejiang.
Politics, Religion
07.28.14 China Needs to Import More Food to Ease Water, Energy Shortages
/ David Stanway
China should boost imports of food so it can dedicate more of its scarce water supplies to energy production, especially in arid but coal-rich regions like Xinjiang and Ningxia
Economy, Energy, Environment, Society
07.28.14 The Diplomatic Battle Between China and Japan is Taking a Latin American Road Trip
Quartz / Lily Kuo
When Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe appeals to officials and business people in Central and South America this week, his hosts will be comparing him to another recent visitor: Chinese president Xi Jinping.
Economy, Politics
07.26.14 Congratulations! Inoculations!
The World Health Organization gives China a glowing report for its lowering of infant and maternal mortality rates.
Health, Society
07.25.14 The Most Popular Books in China, and Why
Five of China’s best-sellers could give us some telling insights into the nation’s psyche.
Arts, Society
07.24.14 China Manufacturing Gauge Rises to 18-Month High on Stimulus
A Chinese manufacturing gauge rose to an 18-month high in July, bolstering the government’s chances of meeting its 2014 economic-growth target of about 7.5 percent.
Economy, Politics, Society
07.24.14 Beijing Has Top-Secret View of China’s Employment
China’s government knows something investors don’t—well, a lot of things actually. But that is especially true when it comes to the country’s labor market.
Economy, Politics