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05.27.15 Should Authors Shun or Cooperate With Chinese Censors?
New York Times / Elliott Spirling, Chan Koonchung, John Oakes
A PEN American Center report found some books were expurgated by Chinese censors without the authors knowledge.
Arts, Business, Media, Politics
05.26.15 Corrupting the Chinese Language
New York Times / Murong Xuecun
The author fears Orwell’s prediciton: “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
Arts, Law, Media, Politics
05.26.15 China Issues First White Paper on Military Strategy
China Daily
The document used expressions new to Chinese white papers, such as “active defense.”
05.26.15 How America Should Respond to China’s Moves in the South China Sea
National Interest / J. Randy Forbes
U.S. military superiority is required to keep the Asia-Pacific region from getting out of hand. 
History, Law, Military, Politics
05.26.15 China to Expand Naval Operations Amid Growing Tensions With U.S.
Wall Street Journal / Chun Han Wong
Changes designed to address U.S. rebalance in Asia and other challenges.
05.26.15 Sex Trade Goes Underground in China’s ‘Sin City’
CNN / Johan Nylander
More than 2,000 hotels, saunas and massage parlors were shut down in Dongguan. 
Business, Law
05.25.15 Paris Can’t Be Another Copenhagen
New York Times
The U.S. and China must rapidly increase collaboration on climate change both within and beyond the framework of the conference.
Energy, Environment, Law, Politics
05.25.15 Chinese Stocks Surge Most Since 2008 for World’s Biggest Rally
Bloomberg / Kyoungwha Kim
Rally buoyed by optimism around government plans to boost foreign access to the nation’s markets.
Business, Economy, Law
05.25.15 Star Wars to Screen in China for First Time Ever
The Shanghai International Film Festival will screen the original six films.
Arts, Business, History, Media
05.25.15 China Warned Over ‘Insane’ Plans for New Nuclear Power Plants
Guardian / Emma Graham-Harrison
He Zuoxiu, a leading scientist, says China is not investing enough in safety controls after the Fukushima disaster in Japan.
Education, Energy, Environment, Politics