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08.29.14 Will China Vet Hong Kong Election?
The Christian Science Monitor / Robert Marquand
The occupation of Hong Kong's central financial district could start early next week, after Beijing releases its guidelines Sunday on how the city's next leader will be elected.
Education, History, Politics
08.29.14 China’s Toilet Paper Makers Flush With Cash
/ Shu-ching Jean Chen
China’s invention of toilet paper in the 6th century, came well ahead of the availability of modern toilet paper in the United States, where inventor Joseph Gayetty first marketed it in 1857.
Business, Health, History, Society
08.29.14 The ‘Facekini’
/ Nick Kirkpatrick
: From the beaches of China to pages of a fashion magazine.
Health, Society
08.27.14 China Considering $16 Billion for Electric-Vehicle Chargers
Increased state funding would be a tailwind for carmakers coping with consumer concerns over the price, reliability and convenience of electric vehicles. 
Business, Energy, Environment, Politics
08.27.14 Xi Eyes Mended China-Vietnam Ties
China and Vietnam will earnestly implement a basic guideline for the resolution of China-Vietnam maritime issues signed in October 2011.
History, Media, Military, Politics
08.27.14 China to Allow Foreign Ownership of Hospitals
/ Fanfan Wang
China will let foreign companies own and operate hospitals in some parts of the country as part of an effort to overhaul its health-care system.
Business, Health, Law
08.27.14 China’s Supersonic Submarine? Not Gonna Happen
/ Jeffrey Kluger
To hear Chinese military sources tell it, the country is on its way to developing a submarine that can travel 6,100 mph—which is why you should never listen to Chinese military sources.
Military, Technology
08.27.14 Sport in China: What’s Wrong with Winning?
/ Kristy Lu Stout
China has a fixation on training elite champions in select sports and an education system that considers sports a luxury and not a priority.
Education, Health, Politics, Society
08.26.14 New Political News Website Scolded by Party Propaganda Officials for 'Incorrect Practices'
/ Chris Luo given a 'stern warning' after it likely irked propaganda officials.
Law, Media, Politics
08.26.14 Fabled Uighur Princess Coming to Chinese Television as a Cartoon
/ Edward Wong
Animators in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen are creating a 104-episode cartoon series loosely based on a historical Qing Dynasty imperial consort, a Uighur woman who is shrouded in myth.
Arts, Media, Politics, Religion