2017 Professional Supervisory List

Update: The 2019 version of this table is available here.

The following table combines the Ministry of Public Security’s (MPS’s) 2017 list of approved Professional Supervisory Units with China Law Translate’s translation of the same.


  1. This catalog and directory is drafted in accordance with articles 3, 11, and 34 of the “Law on the Management of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations’ Activities in the People’s Republic of China,” to provide guidance to foreign non-governmental organizations carrying out activities in mainland China.
  2. Foreign NGOs applying to establish representative offices within mainland China are to follow this catalog and directory to determine the professional supervisory unit (PSU) on the basis of their scope of operations, activity region, and their needs in carrying out activities; and after the PSU has agreed, apply for registration with the provincial-level public security organ for the area where the representative office is to be established.
  3. Where Foreign NGOs’ establishment of representative offices involve more than one activity field, they should determine a PSU on the basis of their primary activity field and primary scope of operations, and the primary PSU may solicit the opinions of relevant department on the activities involved in other fields, and those relevant departments are to actively cooperate and jointly complete service and management work.
  4. The public security organ of each provincial-level People’s Government is to summarize actual local conditions, and together with relevant departments, consult this catalog and directory, and research, draft, and issue a “Catalog of Fields and Projects for Foreign NGOs with Activities in China, and Directory of Professional Supervisory Units” for that area, to provide guidance to foreign NGOs carrying out activities in mainland China.
  5. This catalog and directory is to be adjusted and modified at appropriate times on the basis of the actual situation and changes in foreign NGOs carrying out of activities within mainland China.

Translation Notes

  • The MPS translation of the Foreign NGO Law refers to “overseas” NGOs rather than “foreign” NGOs (境外). This is to clarify that Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan organizations are covered by the law. We find “overseas” equally ambiguous, and continue to use “foreign” for consistency with our other translations, noting that this also includes these three regions
  • The MPS translation of the Fpreign NGO Law refers to “organizations in charge of operations” rather than “Professional Supervisory Units” [PSUs]. We have continued to use “PSU,” an accepted term of art in other laws, to avoid confusion. The MPS translation is hopefully misleading as to the scope of these units duties.
  • The term “交流” (“communications”) as a permissible form of activity could be translated as “exchange.”


  1. 依照《中华人民共和国境外非政府组织境内活动管理法》第三条、第十一条、第三十四条的规定制定本目录名录,为境外非政府组织在境内依法开展活动提供指引。
  2. 境外非政府组织在中国境内申请设立代表机构,根据业务范围、活动地域和开展活动的需要,依照本目录名录确定业务主管单位,并经业务主管单位同意后,向所设立代表机构所在地的省级人民政府公安机关申请登记。
  3. 境外非政府组织设立代表机构涉及多个活动领域的,应以其主要活动领域和主要业务范围确定一个业务主管单位,所涉及其他领域的活动内容,主要业务主管单位可以征求相关部门的意见,相关主管部门积极配合,共同做好服务管理工作。
  4. 各省级人民政府公安机关结合本地实际,会同有关部门,参照本目录名录,研究制定并发布本地区《境外非政府组织活动领域和项目目录、业务主管单位名录》,为境外非政府组织在境内依法开展活动提供指引。
  5. 本目录名录将根据境外非政府组织在中国境内活动的实际情况和变化,适时予以调整和变更。

Last Updated: May 3, 2019