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List of De-Registered Representative Offices

This is a list of foreign NGOs which have de-registered a representative office in China after successfully registering under the 2017 Foreign NGO Law. The list, based on information available on the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) website, includes information about the work the organizations had been conducting in China.Read more

First Group from Pakistan Registers Representative Office

On December 4, an NGO from Pakistan registered a representative office in China, making it the first Pakistan-based organization to either register an office or file for a temporary activity since the Foreign NGO Law went into effect in 2017.Read more
As we do periodically, we recently updated our categorization scheme for foreign NGOs’ fields of work in China. We added “Science” to the “Technology” category to yield the new label “Science and Technology.”Read more
The Ministry of Public Security’s 2019 list of eligible PSUs does not include the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office functional hierarchy (or xitong). This makes a total of seven xitongs that are currently sponsoring foreign NGOs at some level, despite not being included on the 2019 eligible PSU list.Read more
The Chinese government plans to sanction at least five U.S. NGOs with offices in Hong Kong, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesperson told reporters at a press conference on December 2. Hua Chunying described the move as a response to the U.S. president’s signing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law on November 27. Hua said that China’s government would impose sanctions on the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), National Democratic...Read more