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June 10, 2019

How Does My Organization Contact a National-Level Professional Supervisory Unit?

Contact information for some of the Ministry of Public Security-approved Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs), as provided by the Ministry of Public Security, is listed below. Links to provincial-level PSU lists, as available, are here.

Contact Information for National-Level Professional Supervisory Units

Translated from information available on the MPS website.

  • National Development and Reform Commission, Department of International Cooperation: 68501344
  • Ministry of Education, Department of Exchanges and International Cooperation: 66096326
  • Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of International Cooperation: 58881301
  • Ministry of Civil Affairs, Department of International Cooperation: 58123284
  • Ministry of Justice, Department of Judicial Assistance and Foreign Affairs: 65153029
  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Department of Employment Promotion: 84201537
  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Department of Professional Capability Training: 84207448
  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Department of Technology Professionals Administration: 84207353
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection, Center for Foreign Cooperation: 82000595. 82000596
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Department of Planning, Finance, and Foreign Affairs: 58933107
  • Ministry of Transport: 65292244
  • Ministry of Water Resources, Department of International Cooperation and Science and Technology: 63202705
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Department of International Cooperation: 59193228
  • Ministry of Commerce, Department of Foreign Trade: 65197416
  • Ministry of Culture, Bureau for External Cultural Relations: 59881988
  • National Health and Family Planning Commission, Department of International Cooperation: 68792291
  • Cyberspace Administration of China, Office of Internet and Society: 55635734
  • National Audit Office, Department of Finance: 50992985
  • General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine, Department of International Cooperation: 82262172
  • State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television, Department of International Cooperation: 86092091
  • General Administration of Sports, Personnel Department: 87182366
  • State Administration of Work Safety, Department of International Cooperation: 64463654
  • China Food and Drug Administration, Personnel Department: 88331512
  • National Bureau of Statistics, Department of Policy, Laws, and Regulations: 68782626
  • State Forestry Administration, Center for Foreign Cooperation Projects: 84238942
  • State Intellectual Property Office, Department of International Cooperation: 62083801
  • State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Division of Overseas Chinese Affairs, Department of Domestic Affairs: 88387987
  • State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, General Office, Department of Foreign Affairs: 88387949
  • China Banking Regulatory Commission, Department of Laws and Regulations: 66299367
  • China Securities Regulatory Commission, Department of International Cooperation: 88061113,
  • China Insurance Regulatory Commission, International Department: 66286736, 66286527
  • National Energy Administration, Department of International Cooperation: 68502239,
  • State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, Department of Policy, Laws, and Regulation: 68948899-50408
  • State Oceanic Administration, Department of International Cooperation: 68047072
  • State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Personnel Department: 56792119
  • State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of International Cooperation: 59957719
  • State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, General Department: 84419915
  • China Federation of Trade Unions, Community Liaison Department: 68591511, 68591516
  • All-China Women’s Federation, International Department: 65103261
  • China Association for Science and Technology, International Department: 62145688
  • China Disabled Persons’ Federation, International Department: 66580032

Updated July 30, 2017.

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