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May 17, 2019

Our Group Works in Multiple Areas, How Do We Find an Official Sponsor?

How does my organization select a Professional Supervisory Unit if we are engaged in work that is not limited to just one issue area?

Per information provided at a meeting between Ministry of Public Security (MPS) representatives and foreign diplomats in 2016, a foreign NGO that works in multiple sectors (for example, environment and education) should identify the “main” sector of their work and select a Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU) in that field. The PSU will then coordinate its supervision of the NGO with other government organs in other sectors to supervise the NGO’s work. The MPS has offered no further guidance about choosing a “main” sector.

A number of registered foreign NGO representative offices do engage in cross-sectoral work; an updated list of registered offices, including their fields of work as assigned by The China NGO Project, is available here.

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