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April 15, 2019

Chinese Partner Unit Thanks Guizhou Public Security, NGO Helps with Mental Health Training in Heilongjiang, Schools in Hubei Get a Visit from NGO Management Office

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—March 31-April 11, 2019

March 31, 2019:

Recently, the Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Small Group Office for Helping Develop Border Areas presented a banner to the Guizhou Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office, expressing their gratitude for the office’s kindness and convenient and efficient services.

As part of the work done by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Small Group Office uses science and technology to aid the region’s “elderly, minority, marginalized, and impoverished” groups through poverty alleviation efforts and social development, as “innovative work is required of all democratic parties and industry and commerce federations to adapt themselves to poverty alleviation and development in the New Era (是各民主党派、工商联适应新时期扶贫开发需要所做的一项开创性工作).”. Since the implementation of the Foreign NGO Law, the Small Group Office has launched multiple activities with Hong Kong’s Grace Charity Foundation Limited and other foreign NGOs, primarily in the fields of education, health, and disaster relief.

The Guizhou PSB Foreign NGO Management Office adheres to the principals of “warm service, proactive guidance, and standardized management,” focusing on providing “better, faster, more convenient service.” The Guizhou PSB is also thoroughly implementing the “fangguanfu” (“放管服”) reform requirements, under the framework of the Foreign NGO Law, to further optimize services, innovate management, and provide services for the Qianxinan Prefecture Small Group Office.

March 31, 2019:

The head of the Hubei PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently conducted a visit and investigation of Wuhan University of Technology and Central China Normal University in order to better understand the schools’ cooperation with foreign NGOs, speak on the Foreign NGO Law, and solicit opinions and suggestions on the office’s ongoing management work.

Representatives from Wuhan University of Technology and Central China Normal University discussed the schools’ involvement with foreign NGOs in recent years, as well as the issues encountered during their implementation of the Foreign NGO Law. After discussing the implementation of the law, authorities from the Foreign NGO Management Office laid out the requirements and provided suggestions, addressing questions raised by the universities. Representatives from the two universities pledged to further improve management of foreign NGOs and strengthen their cooperation and communication with the PSB.

The relevant department heads of Wuhan University of Technology and Central China Normal University, as well as authorities from Wuhan PSB Foreign NGO Management Office, participated in the meeting.

March 31, 2019:

Recently, the Guangdong PSB Foreign NGO Management Office issued a registration certificate for the Association Generale Chine-Afrique’s (Madagascar) representative office in Guangzhou. Authorities from the Foreign NGO Management Office expressed hope that the NGO will carry out activities in accordance with the Foreign NGO Law, assist with the Belt and Road Initiative, and strengthen economic exchange and cooperation between China and Africa, while contributing to the overall economic and social development of Guangdong. The head of the representative office pledged to conduct activities with strict adherence to the law, promote friendly business ties between China and Africa, tap into Africa’s abundant resources, and develop its enormous market, while actively promoting economic exchange between China and all the countries within Africa to bring about mutual benefit for both sides.

April 11, 2019:

The representative office for AIFO (Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau) (Italy) in Helongjiang cooperated with the Harbin Municipal Office of Mental Health and Prevention to jointly launch the “Heilongjiang Innovative Work in Mental Health Training Project.” This project aims to promote the incorporation of mental health into primary healthcare services and help sufferers of mental illness better integrate into society. In order to further enhance the training activity, AIFO invited two Italian mental health professionals to speak at the event.

Topics discussed included psychology, social work, pedagogy, and other areas of research. Training content included an introduction to the Italian model for mental health services, rehabilitation and support for those suffering from mental illness, and the building of a mental health service system. Going forward, a group of lecturers from the activity will conduct further training with mental health service providers at the grassroots level.

April 11, 2019:

Sichuan PSB Foreign NGO Management Office visited the Chengdu representative offices for the Japan-China Economic Association and the Animals Asia Foundation (Hong Kong), in order to better understand the two offices’ staff make-up, business development, and business operation models. The PSB hopes that the Japan-China Economic Association will strictly abide by the law and appropriately allocate special funds, and asked that the soon-to-relocate Animals Asia Foundation promptly complete the required changes to its registration materials.

The two representative offices thanked the Foreign NGO Management office for their friendly services and support, and expressed their willingness to further strengthen communication and cooperation with authorities, while conducting activities in accordance with the requirements of the foreign NGO law.

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