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September 3, 2019

Chongqing PSB Meets Hungarian Officials, Japanese NGO Opens Its Doors in Hunan, Tianjin PSB Tested on Foreign NGO Knowledge

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—August 8, 2019

August 8, 2019:

Representatives of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office recently met with the consul general, consul, and the director of the secretariat of the Hungarian Consulate in Hong Kong. They discussed the cultural exchange activities that Hugarian NGOs have carried out in Chongqing since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary 70 years ago.

The PSB police welcomed Hungarian NGOs to carry out culture and art exchange activities in Chongqing and discussed Foreign NGO Law with the consul general. The police hoped that more Hungarian NGOs would register and set up representative offices in the city, in order to promote exchange and cooperation in economics, culture, health, environmental protection and education between Chongqing and Hungary. The two sides discussed regulations on the activities that Hungarian NGOs will carry out in the city, registration and filing procedures, as well as the handling of notarization.

August 8, 2019:

The Tianjin PSB Overseas Foreign NGO Management Office recently held a three-day training session on the management of Foreign NGOs. Police from 17 PSB units who handle work related to Foreign NGOs participated in the training.

At present, 16 sub-bureaus in the Tianjin PSB have established a Foreign NGO Management Office and assigned staff to oversee foreign NGO activities. Trainers discussed the Foreign NGO Law and the responsibilities of PSBs at the prefecture-level cities. After the lecture, all the participants took a test on the lecture content. Participating police officers stated that through this training, they gained a deeper understanding of the Foreign NGO Law and a clearer understanding of the duties and responsibilities of local PSB branches in managing and serving foreign NGOs. In addition, they said the training laid a foundation for further improving the management services for foreign NGOs operating in the city.

August 8, 2019:

Recently, Japan’s Lake Biwa Tourism Promotion Association held an opening ceremony for its Hunan representative office, located in the Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The deputy governors of Hunan Province and Shiga Prefecture, the NGO’s vice president, and an official from the Japanese Embassy in China attended the opening ceremony.

Hunan’s deputy governor said that Hunan was “actively participating in the construction of the Belt and Road initiative and expected to expand exchanges and deepen cooperation with countries around the world, including Japan.” The governor hoped that Hunan Province and Shiga Prefecture would, on the history of years of friendly exchanges, adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, relying on the platform of the NGO’s Hunan representative office to actively promote cooperative development of friendly cities, rural revitalization, science and technology, environmental tourism, and cultural tourism in both places.

The Lake Biwa Tourism Promotion Association’s chief representative said that the NGO’s Hunan representative office is its first representative office abroad. He sincerely thanked the agency that handled the registration of the NGO’s representative office and its Professional Supervisory Unit for their support and assistance. He pledged to strictly follow the foreign NGO Law while carrying out activities and actively promote bilateral exchanges between China and Japan, as well as the economic and social development of Hunan.

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