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May 29, 2018

First Registration in Hainan, Information Sessions in Zhejiang and Qinghai

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—May 14, 2018

May 14, 2018:

Today, the Zhejiang Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office held information and education sessions on the Foreign NGO Law at multiple colleges and universities in Hangzhou. Utilizing infographics, posters, video broadcasts, WeChat announcements, and online games, the sessions informed teachers and students of the law’s content and answered their questions. The PSB handed out more than 5,000 information pamphlets; a video on the Foreign NGO Law got 40,000 views.

In Qinghai province, the PSB Foreign NGO Management Office also held an information session in Xining Central Square, sharing the content of the Foreign NGO Law and favorable results of the Foreign NGO Management Office’s work.

May 14, 2018:

Today, the Hebei Jinde Charities Foundation, a domestic Catholic foundation, expressed gratitude to the Hebei PSB Foreign NGO Management Office for preparing and helping the Foundation file for the temporary activity it will undertake with its foreign NGO partner. Jinde presented a “thank you” banner to the PSB.

In Jiangxi province, the PSB Foreign NGO Management Office visited the Nanchang Yixin Yiyi Public Welfare Service Center to offer its guidance. The Center told the PSB about its work history in China and some of its growing pains as it has developed. The PSB affirmed all the important contributions the Center has made, answered questions, and explained how to file the required post-temporary activity report. The Center expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Foreign NGO Management Office and confirmed that it would submit its report within 30 days of its temporary activity concluding.

In Sichuan province, the PSB Foreign NGO Management Office met with representatives from The Leprosy Project (Hong Kong). Representatives from The Leprosy Project thanked the Foreign NGO Management Office for its “efficient and friendly service.” The PSB recognized the work that The Leprosy Project has long been doing in China and noted its timely completion of the representative office registration process.

May 14, 2018:

Today, the Hainan province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office presented International Association Volunteers with its registration certificate, marking the first time a foreign NGO has successfully registered in Hainan. (The China NGO Project notes that the Ministry of Public Security website lists the Association as having been registered on March 31 .) The provincial departments Civil Affairs and Ocean and Fisheries were also in attendance. The PSB expressed its wish that foreign NGOs would, as before, continue to play a role in Hainan’s charitable sector in fields such as the economy, education, science and technology, culture, health, sport, and environmental protection.

May 14, 2018:

Today, Alashan SEE Foundation successfully received funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation through the temporary activity mechanism. The Beijing PSB Foreign NGO Management Office visited Alashan multiple times during the filing process and answered related questions, as well as liaised with the local Civil Affairs Bureau and other relevant departments. The Alashan SEE Foundation visited the Beijing PSB Foreign NGO Management Office specifically to thank them for their efforts.

Correction: International Association Volunteers was previously listed as International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).

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