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August 28, 2018

General Administration of Sports Releases Foreign NGO-Related Rules

Jeffrey Wilson of JunHe LLP writes that the General Administration of Sports has issued a notice regarding foreign NGOs conducting sports activities in China. Wilson translates the following types of activities as covered under the new guidelines:

  • Olympic-related competitions and activities
  • Non-Olympic-related competitions and activities
  • Mass sporting events
  • Sporting industry cooperation
  • Sports culture and sports news cooperation
  • Sports education and research activities
  • Sports analytics cooperation

The notice (link in Chinese) reiterates that sporting events held by international non-profits fall under the ambit of the Foreign NGO Law. Article 6 states that “foreign NGOs conducting sporting activities in China should establish a representative office in China according to the law. [Foreign NGOs] that have not registered a representative office but that must conduct a temporary sports activity in China should report and file [for the activity] according to the law.” (Translation by The China NGO Project.)

Of note, the notice mandates that Chinese Partner Units file for temporary sports activities at least 30 days in advance of the event in question. This is longer than the 15 days required by the Foreign NGO Law itself.

A translation of the notice is currently available for a fee from LexisNexis. The China NGO Project will post a translated version of the notice once one becomes publicly available.

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