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March 22, 2018

More Annual Report Training; Registrations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangxi

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—March 2, 2018

March 2, 2018:

Following the lead of the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management office, the Shanghai PSB Foreign NGO Management Office held a training on how to complete annual reports for 2017. In attendance were representative and financial staff from the 86 foreign NGOs that have already registered or are in the process of registering representative offices in Shanghai. The training covered how to fill in required information, such as scope of work as well as financial sources and expenditures. Ministry of Civil Affairs officials and certified accountants were also on hand to answer questions about the non-profit accounting system.

March 2, 2018:

Today, the Hubei province, Wuhan city PSB Foreign NGO Management Office met with the new Chief Representative of the Cheongju Trade Union Discussion Forum (South Korea). In line with its philosophy of “in accordance with the law, management and service, exchange and cooperation, convenience and efficiency,” PSB office personnel offered guidance on the 2017 annual reporting process and other upcoming work issues. The Forum representative thanked the PSB office for its patience and meticulous service.

The Qinghai PSB Foreign NGO Management Office met with The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, affirming the Society’s exceptional contributions to those with disabilities in Qinghai. The PSB office also stressed that it continues to be “tolerant and open” toward foreign NGOs that wish to work in Qinghai and help develop its charitable sector. The Society thanked the PSB for its help.

March 2, 2018:

Today, the Jiangsu PSB Foreign NGO Management Office presented a registration certificate to Daejeon Economic and Trade Relations Revitalization Institute (South Korea), which thanked the PSB for its warm service.

Also today, the Zhejiang PSB Foreign NGO Management Office gave a registration certificate to the North American Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers (United States); the Society presented the PSB with a “thank you” banner. The PSB also held a meeting with the Society, the Zhejiang Department of Science and Technology, and other related enterprises. Representatives from the PSB and the Science and Technology Department addressed the meeting, expressing their hopes that the Society could help further Sino-US cooperation in the field of automotive engineering and help build up the province’s scientific innovation and economy. The Society’s representative, a U.S. citizen of Chinese descent, expressed the desire to repay the kindness of his homeland and hoped to contribute to scientific innovation and the training of local talent.

Also today, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region PSB Foreign NGO Management Office presented a registration certificate to Couleurs de Chine (France), saying that it hoped the NGO would continue to work within the law to help impoverished students in ethnic minority areas attend school. Couleurs de Chine promised to submit its plans and reports according to the law and help develop Guangxi’s charitable sector.

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