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October 23, 2017

New Data Visualizations Up for January-September

We’ve updated our page of monthly data visualizations to include September. The data show that Hong Kong and the United States continue to have the most representative offices and temporary activities of all the countries/regions working in China. Representative offices continue to be clustered in Beijing and Shanghai (with many of Shanghai’s offices working in industry and trade-related fields), while temporary activities are a bit more distributed throughout the provinces.

In response to community feedback as well as to the September data, we made a few changes this month to the how we categorize organizations’ “fields of work.” First, we added the field “Urban Issues/Development.” We also separated the category “Labor and Migrants” into “Labor” and “Migrants” to better capture the distinctions between, for example, a professional association and a group that serves left-behind children. Finally, we changed “Women’s Issues” to “Gender Issues,” though we retained a (as-yet unused) category for LGBTQ concerns.

In addition to updating the existing graphics, we plan to add additional graphics in the coming weeks and months. We welcome readers’ suggestions for further ways to parse and visualize the data.

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