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August 5, 2019

New Foreign NGO Offices in Tianjin, Guangdong, Shandong; Raising Legal Awareness in Tibet

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—June 6-10, 2019

June 6, 2019:

The Tianjin Public Security Bureau (PSB) recent held an ceremony recognizing the establishment of 16 local sub-bureaus of the Foreign NGO Management Office.

At the ceremony, the Tianjin PSB Foreign NGO Management Office explained that the sub-bureaus must establish a management team, assist the municipal PSB in providing services, and manage both foreign NGOs representative offices and temporary activities in Tianjin. Representatives from each sub-bureau pledged to improve the management of foreign NGOs.

June 6, 2019:

Recently, the Guangdong Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office granted a registration certificate to the Beam International Foundation’s newly-established representative office. Representatives from the Zhaoqing City PSB and the Fengkai County PSB, as well as the chairman and vice chairman of the Beam International Foundation, attended the ceremony.

The head of Guangdong Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office congratulated the foundation on setting up a representative office in Guangdong. He expressed his hope that the organization would provide medical services for even more patients. He also indicated that the NGO’s Guangdong representative office should strengthen communication with its Professional Supervisory Unit and with the PSB, providing feedback and suggestions in a timely fashion. The PSB stated that it will further improve its service and management work and better provide convenient, high-quality, and quick services.

Representatives from Beam International Foundation presented commemorative plaques to the provincial-level, municipal-level, county-level PSBs, as well as to the county hospital, to express their sincere gratitude for their support. Tong said that in the future, the foundation will carry out charitable activities in more provinces and cities, bringing smiles and dignity to patients with cleft lips and palates.

June 6, 2019:

The Guangxi Autonomous Region Education Department recently held a symposium on the work of foreign NGOs in the field of education. Chief representatives from Couleurs de Chine (France), Blessing Hands (United States), Grace Vessel (Hong Kong), the Overseas China Education Foundation, and Guangxi Bridge of Love Education Aid Volunteers Association participated in the conference.

At the symposium, chief representatives reported their education-related projects in 2018, providing thoughts and suggestions educational aid. The director of the Guangxi Education Department’s International Cooperation and Exchange Office affirmed the contribution of foreign NGOs in providing aid and improving educational infrastructure. He pledged to continue strengthening communication with foreign NGO representative offices and further improve management and service work for foreign NGOs. He also committed to making it more convenient for foreign NGOs to carry out education-related activities in Guangxi.

June 6, 2019:

The Lhasa City and Shannan City PSB Foreign NGO Management Offices s recently publicized Foreign NGO Law among monks, nuns, and members of local neighborhood committees. This was an attempt to continuously deepen legal education and to promote the rule of law. It also aimed to create a good environment for monks to “learn the law, understand the law, obey the law” and to improve the targeted audience’s knowledge of the law as well as their awareness of the rule of law.

The Lhasa PSB Foreign NGO Management Office and the Tibet Autonomous Region Buddhist Academy’s police sub-station jointly carried out legal publicity activities to disseminate Chinese-Tibetan bilingual propaganda materials. They also offered legal consultations, explaining the relevant provisions of the Foreign NGO Law for monks and nuns. The activities were well-received by the Buddhist Academy’s management committee, the police sub-station and the monks and nuns alike.

The Shannan PSB Foreign NGO Management Office takes as its goal that "everyone participate in and understand the law." With assistance from places like the community neighborhood committees, police stations, and temple management committees, the PSB greatly enhanced the public awareness of "learning the law, understanding the law, and obeying the law" and achieved good social impact through the hanging of banner slogans, the distribution of publicity materials, acceptance of legal counseling at the scene, and travel to temples to publicize the Foreign NGO Law.

June 10, 2019:

The Shandong Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office issued registration certificates to the Qingdao representative office of the USA China Entrepreneurs Association and the Shandong representative office of Intercoiffure Mondial (Switzerland).

The PSB representative expressed congratulations to the two representative offices and said that the PSB will continue to uphold the concept of “openness, inclusiveness, and impartiality according to law,” as well as further innovate new service initiatives and optimize management methods. It will also strive to actively provide convenient services for the foreign NGOs’ local offices and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign NGOs in China in accordance with the Foreign NGO Law. The PSB representative expected the NGOs to strengthen communication with their Professional Supervisory Units and with the PSB and carry out project activities in strict accordance with the Foreign NGO Law.

The two chief representatives of the NGOs’ local offices thanked the PSB for its enthusiasm and support. The representatives also pledged to carry out project activities under the management and guidance of the PSB and their Professional Supervisory Units in strict accordance with the Foreign NGO Law in order to promote the Shandong economy and play an active role in the development of public welfare.

June 10, 2019:

The Tianjin PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently conducted visits, research, and legal publicity to local Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) recently added to the 2019 PSU List. This included the Tianjin branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Tianjin Science and Technology Association, and the Tianjin municipal government’s Cooperation and Exchange Office.

The PSB gave a detailed introduction of the legal spirit of the Foreign NGO Law and the duties of the Professional Supervisory Unit. They also exchanged views on the coordination and cooperation between the PSB and the Professional Supervisory Unit.

The Cooperation and Exchange Office offered its views on national poverty alleviation and reduction policies to the PSB. Representatives of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade said that they will perform the duties of a Professional Supervisory Unit in accordance with the law and serve the foreign NGOs that conduct economic and trade exchanges and investment cooperation activities in Tianjin. The Tianjin Science and Technology Association, which plays an important role in the popularization of natural science knowledge and the development of civic scientific attainment (素质, suzhi), pledged to perform its duties according to law and strive to supervise and manage the foreign NGOs’ activities. The PSB and the Professional Supervisory Units unanimously pledged to strengthen the liaison and cooperation between various departments, provide quality service for and management of foreign NGOs, and make contributions to promoting the country's opening up as well as economic and social development.

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