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July 11, 2018

New Report on Chinese Civil Society in 2018 from the China-Europe Association for Civil Rights

The China-Europe Association for Civil Rights (CEACR) published a new report on civil society organizations that covers the first quarter of 2018. CEACR writes that the impact of the Foreign NGO Law and the Charity Law has led to the “control and even suppression of CSOs . . . on the concrete, operational level,” noting that some Foreign NGOs’ inability to register has limited funding flows to some small domestic NGOs. The report also discusses the situation for civil society more broadly and judges that “[t]he space for CSO activities will shrink even more this year.”

The full report is available as a PDF on ChinaFile and on CEACR’s website. CEACR’s previous report on Chinese civil society is also available via The China NGO Project and the CEACR website.

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