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July 5, 2018

Only Two New Representative Offices in June

The China NGO Project has updated our monthly visualizations through June 2018. Of note, only two new representative offices were registered in June, Health Benefits for All International and Sunnyyoung Caring Association. Both of these organizations registered on the first of June; no other representative offices were registered for the rest of the month. The last time we saw such low registration numbers was between mid-February and mid-March of last year (right after the Foreign NGO Law came into effect). We don’t yet know if this drop-off is indicative of a general slowing-down in registrations or if it simply illustrates how variable the registration numbers are from week to week and month to month.

The chart below shows the number of representative offices registered with the Ministry of Public Security on a week-by-week basis, starting from the first week of January 2017 through the last week of June 2018. The numbers are reflective of all representative offices registered, meaning that it includes each office of NGOs that have opened multiple separate offices.

Number of Representative Offices Registered per Week

Also of note, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (Hong Kong), which de-registered its representative office in February 2018, filed for two new temporary activities in June, suggesting that it has chosen to work through the temporary activity mechanism rather than maintain a permanent presence in China.

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