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June 27, 2019

Provincial PSBs Emphasize Health and Education Work for Foreign NGOs

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—May 30-June 5, 2019

May 30, 2019:

Recently, the Shanghai Health Commission and Shanghai Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office held a conference with representatives of foreign NGOs working in the health field. Representatives from Project Hope, Viva China Children’s Cancer Foundation, Orbis International, as well as representatives from their Chinese partners, such as Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital Hospital of Fudan University, and the Shanghai Ophthalmopathy Prevention and Control Center, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Health Commission and the PSB further clarified the division of responsibilities between Professional Supervisory Units and the PSB. The NGOs and their Chinese partners discussed carrying out activities and fulfilling their legal obligations in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Foreign NGO Law. They also shared related work experiences.

May 30, 2019:

The Fujian Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently issued a certificate to the Taiwan Cross Strait Exhibition Association. The PSB representatives congratulated the organization on establishing a representative office in the province. The PSB representatives stated that the PSB will strengthen its service and provide legal guidance for the association. They also expressed their expectations that the organization will strengthen communication with the PSB and conduct activities legally in China.

The president of the Taiwan Cross-Strait Exhibition Association and the chief representative of the organization’s Xiamen office thanked the PSB and the Department of Commerce of Fujian for their strong support. He pledged to conduct activities in strict accordance with the provisions of the Foreign NGO Law, and to promote cross-strait economic and trade exchanges. He presented a thank-you banner to the PSB.

June 5, 2019:

In light of the third anniversary of the adoption of the Foreign NGO Law, the Tianjin Municipality PSB Foreign NGO Management Office paid visits to local government agencies, universities, and foreign NGOs that are based in China as part of a week-long effort to further deepen the understanding and public awareness of the law.

The PSB gave a legal lecture at Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, interpreting relevant provisions of the law and clarifying the legal duties that the Bureau of Commerce, a Professional Supervisory Unit, must undertake. The PSB also put forward several suggestions for the Bureau’s work and laid the foundation for the two government entities to jointly manage and provide service for the NGOs.

On university campuses, the PSB publicized the Foreign NGO law among college teachers and students by putting up posters, setting up information boards, distributing promotional materials, and answering questions. The teachers and students responded enthusiastically to the publicity activities, saying that they gained a deeper understanding of foreign NGOs and related laws and regulations through this publicity campaign. They pledged to understand and obey the laws and be proactive in participating in the popularization of laws in the future.

The PSB also organized a symposium of foreign NGOs representatives in Tianjin. Representatives of 11 foreign NGOs based in Tianjin—as well as representatives from the NGOs’ Professional Supervisory Units, including the city’s Department of Education, the Bureau of Commerce, the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the Federation of Trade Unions—attended the meeting. Also in attendance were representatives from Nankai University, Tianjin University, and Tianjin University of Technology. The Tianjin-based foreign NGOs unanimously expressed their gratitude to the PSB for providing a platform for dialogue as well as for its continued assistance and support. They pledged to conduct activities in strict accordance with the law and to make positive contributions to the development of the public welfare in Tianjin.

June 5, 2019:

The Jiangsu Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office issued a registration certificate to the Hong Kong and Macau Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce. A PSB representative congratulated the Hong Kong and Macau Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce, pledging to provide service for the NGO with passion and manage it in accordance with regulations. The PSB staff member stated his office will fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign NGOs in China. He also expected the Chamber of Commerce to uphold its founding mission and carry out activities in accordance with the law in order to contribute to deepening exchanges, cooperation, and mutual benefits between the two countries. A representative from the Chamber of Commerce thanked the management office for providing legal guidance and enthusiastic service. He pledged to fulfill his statutory duties, conduct activities in strict accordance with the provisions of the Foreign NGO Law, and contribute to building business cooperation and economic and trade exchanges between Jiangsu and Macau.

June 5, 2019:

The Yunnan Provincial Department of Education recently organized a symposium in order to promote exchanges and cooperation with foreign NGOs in the field of education. Representatives from the Education Department and representatives from seven NGOs that it supervises participated in the meeting. The Yunnan Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office also attended the meeting to explain the Foreign NGO Law. At the meeting, foreign NGO representatives summarized the work they did in 2018, discussed their projects and capital investments in 2019, and discussed the practical difficulties encountered in implementing their projects.

Officials at the Education Department stated that they expected the NGOs to adjust their project planning in a timely fashion according to relevant policies and regulations, focusing on the key issues in education. The Education Department emphasized popularizing preschool education, reducing the dropout rate, and equalizing the quality of county-level compulsory education. It also indicated that it prioritizes expanding vocational education and improving special education. At the same time, the PSB requested foreign NGOs to improve their project designs in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in actually carrying out projects. The NGOs were also asked to conduct assessments after project completion.

The PSB stated that it expected foreign NGOs to actively keep China’s poverty alleviation and education development efforts in mind, and to consider actual local needs as they implement projects. It also mandated that NGOs to keep in close touch with their Professional Supervisory Units to ensure that projects are effectively implemented in accordance with the law.

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