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May 15, 2019

Public Security Bureaus Meet with NGOs in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Jiangxi

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—April 25, 2019

April 25:

Recently, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office issued a registration certificate for Green-Net’s (Japan) representative office in Inner Mongolia.

Green-Net’s chief representative introduced the organization’s recent desertification control and afforestation efforts in Khorqin, which have been carried out in strict accordance with the mandates of the Foreign NGO Law, as well as the group’s work to protect Inner Mongolia’s ecosystem and strengthen transnational desertification prevention. The PSB affirmed Green-Net’s outstanding contribution to desertification prevention in recent years. The PSB further indicated that it will further strengthen its management of foreign NGOs in the region, work to resolve any difficulties faced by foreign NGOs in accordance with the law, and fully protect Green-Net’s legal rights and interests. PSB authorities hope that Green-Net will move forward in an increasingly “green” direction while aiding in the formation of Inner Mongolia’s ecological culture.

April 25:

The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently met with the chief representative from Save the Children’s (United Kingdom) representative office in Beijing.

The PSB thanked Save the Children for its work on children’s rights protection and health education. The meeting further strengthened communications between the PSB and Save the Children, provided even more convenient services, and protected the lawful interests of foreign NGOs in Xinjiang. The Save the Children chief representative thanked the Xinjiang management office for providing legal guidance and warm service, indicating that this visit was primarily intended to allow for a better understanding of the projects being carried out by Save the Children International’s team in Xinjiang and to introduce the organization’s next steps for activities in Xinjiang. Moving forward, the organization will strengthen communication and exchange between its office in Beijing and Xinjiang, while continuing its efforts to improve children’s welfare.

April 25:

Recently, officials from the Jiangxi PSB Foreign NGO Management Office and visiting representatives from Hong Kong’s Huiming Charitable Foundation, along with representatives from Jiangxi University of Technology and Science, engaged in an exchange about how to manage temporary activity filings according to the law.

Representatives from the Huiming Charitable Foundation thanked the PSB for its friendly service and legal guidance, and discussed the foundation’s background, operational model, and student financial aid donations. They also addressed the founding of Jiangxi University of Technology and Science’s “Zhong Huiming Financial Aid Scholarship” and discussed issues encountered while carrying out related filing procedures. The management office patiently and thoroughly answered questions and affirmed the organization’s positive role in promoting educational development in Jiangxi, indicating that the office intends to continue strengthening its foreign NGO management and services. Representatives from the Jiangxi University of Technology and Science Educational Fund pledged to further strengthen communication with public security offices and assist with the proper management of foreign NGOs.

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