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April 11, 2019

Shanghai Talks Foreign NGO Inspections, Jiangsu Discusses Health-Related Work

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019:

The Tianjin Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office recently held an informal discussion at the Japan Kobe International Cooperation and Exchange Center in Tianjin to address the promotion of friendly exchange between the cities of Tianjin and Kobe. The conversation covered the friendly association between the two cities and the NGO’s regular operations, including difficulties the group has encountered during project implementation. The Foreign NGO Management Office discussed its own work, explained related laws and policies, and expressed gratitude for the Japan Kobe International Cooperation and Exchange Center’s role in furthering cultural exchange between China and Japan over many years. Lastly, the Foreign NGO Management Office expressed its intention to strengthen communication and exchange with foreign NGOs, further improve the management and assistance of foreign NGOs, and help to coordinate and resolve related difficulties.

March 20, 2019

The Jiangsu PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently participated in the 2019 Provincial Health and Foreign Affairs Management Training Class. The Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission hosted the training to give specialized instruction on health and hygiene as it relates to the management of foreign NGO activities. Provincial and municipal Health Commissions, health and medicine research centers, and representatives from every major hospital and professional health institution were present, with over 100 people in total participating in the training.

Representatives from the Foreign NGO Management Office discussed foreign NGO activities, focusing on the overall framework of legal implementation, registration and filing, activity scope, and monitoring. They also detailed related legal requirements, emphasizing the health departments’ role as Chinese Partner Units and the legal procedures for handling temporary activities. Participants indicated that they received significant insight from the training, and expressed their willingness to adhere to and thoroughly implement the law.

March 20, 2019

The Shanghai PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently hosted its annual Inspection and Law Enforcement Propaganda Training Meeting. Representatives and financial staff from 92 foreign NGOs based in Shanghai were in attendance, with over 180 people attending the meeting.

During the training meeting, representatives from the Foreign NGO Management Office reported on actions taken in 2017, including inspections and cases of foreign NGOs being suspected of breaking the law. They discussed specific requirements for foreign NGO representative offices to thoroughly adhere to the Foreign NGO Law and mobilized offices for 2018 audit work inspections. They invited auditing personnel from the accounting affairs office to summarize 2017’s inspections and discuss problems they had encountered during that process, and to explain and offer training for issues related to implementation, professional activities, income and expenditures, and financial accounting.

This training was the Shanghai PSB Foreign NGO Management Office’s second annual specialized training meeting. The meeting further deepened NGO representative offices’ understanding of the rules and financial regulations related to the Foreign NGO Law, and lawful operation and healthy development of foreign NGOs in China. All participating representative offices gave the meeting a positive evaluation.

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