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September 17, 2019

Training in Xinjiang, NGO Assistance in Hubei

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—August 22, 2019

August 22, 2019:

The Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang Autonomous Region recently held a training course on the management of foreign NGOs in the region. Police from Foreign NGO Management Offices at various local-level PSBs took part in the training.

The training course highlighted practicality and effectiveness. It discussed the Foreign NGO Law and related laws and regulations in depth, and informed participants about the Xinjiang PSB’s foreign NGO management work. Respective local PSB units discussed the concepts, ideas, and specific practices adopted in managing foreign NGOs. The participants all stated that the training filled the gaps in knowledge and experience of working with foreign NGOs.

August 22, 2019:

The Shanghai Municipal PSB Foreign NGO Management Office and the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Supervision recently held a discussion on the Foreign NGO Law. Representatives from the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Supervision participated in the discussion.

After the agency’s institutional restructuring, the Market Supervision Administration’s primary responsibilities are now focused on fair competition, advertising, trademarks, industrial and consumer product safety, certification and accreditation, standardization, food safety, and other such fields. Its collaboration with foreign NGOs has become more frequent and the scope of these collaborations has widened. At the meeting, the two parties discussed and analyzed actual cases of foreign NGO registration and representative office setup, the handling of temporary activities, the change of application information, and the submission of annual plans and reports. The two parties exchanged their experiences in managing foreign NGOs, and further clarified the respective responsibilities of the registration management agency and the Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU).

A representative from the Market Supervision Administration stated that the PSU’s duties and responsibilities became clearer after this meeting, facilitating further cooperation with the PSB related to foreign NGOs.

August 22, 2019:

Representatives from the Hubei Province Foreign NGO Management Office recently visited the Wuhan representative office of South Korea’s Cheongju Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The delegation also attended a work meeting at the province’s Department of Commerce.

At the NGO’s Wuhan representative office, the head of the PSB delegation inquired in detail about the activities the representative office had carried out this year and the problems it encountered. The PSB officer pledged to provide assistance, within the scope of the law, to the Chamber’s chief representative, whose visa and term of office were nearing expiration.

The PSB delegation then visited the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce to talk about further strengthening the collaboration between the two government offices in managing foreign NGOs. Regarding the South Korean NGO’s issue, representatives from the Department of Commerce stated that they would solve the problem as soon as possible to ensure that the NGO’s chief representative would continue to work in Hubei.

The NGO’s chief representative expressed sincere gratitude to the PSB officers for their proactive service and on-site handling off the issue. He promised that the NGO would further study the Foreign NGO law and would carry out activities in accordance with the law, making positive contributions to promoting economic and cultural exchanges between South Korea and Hubei.

August 22, 2019:

The Gansu Provincial Education Department’s International Cooperation Office, as well as police from the Tianshui Municipal PSB and Qinzhou District PSB, paid a visit to the Children of Madaifu’s (France) Gansu office to discuss the Foreign NGO Law. NGO representatives talked about their experience and issues they’d encountered in carrying out their work.

A representative from the Department of Education’s International Cooperation Office, which is the NGO’s PSU, expressed gratitude to the NGO for its financial aid to students in the city of Tianshui, and for helping reduce the dropout rate of school-age children and improve the city’s education infrastructure. He said his unit would continue to strengthen communication with and management services for the NGO. Police from the Tianshui PSB Foreign NGO Management Office hoped that Madaifu would carry out activities that align with actual developmental needs, and strengthen communication with its PSU and registration management agency in order to ensure smooth implementation of activities in accordance with the law.

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