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August 26, 2019

Yunnan PSB Lectures on Foreign NGO Religious Activities, Hunan PSB Gives out Three New Registration Certificates

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019:

Police from the Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office recently met with representatives of Casa Ricci Social Services (Macau)’s Kunming office. The NGO's staff discussed the group’s leprosy prevention and assistance activities, ongoing in Jiangxi province since 2002. Representatives from the Nankang District Institute of Dermatological Disease Prevention and Control, Ricci Social Services’ Chinese Partner Unit (CPU), talked about their latest cooperative projects.

The PSB police learned in detail about the group’s project development, in-country cooperation, as well as the organization’s future plans. They expressed their expectation that Casa Ricci Social Services actively adapt to the new requirements and carry out activities in strict accordance with the provisions of the Foreign NGO Law. The officials stated that the Nankang District Institute of Dermatological Disease Prevention and Control, as a CPU, must actively strengthen communication with its own Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU) and the PSB, as well as complete this year’s temporary activity filing as soon as possible. The PSB pledged to actively perform their duties, along with the local public security organs, and to provide guidance for Casa Ricci Social Services.

July 19, 2019:

At the invitation of the Yunnan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, the province’s PSB Foreign NGO Management Office gave two lectures on the management of foreign NGOs, titled the Christian Group Leaders Training Courses, held in Kunming.

The PSB discussed the implementation of the Foreign NGO Law, the types of activities foreign NGOs in China carry out in China, as well as PSUs’s and the registration management offices’s responsibilities. The police also explained how the National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China (National TSPM) and China Christian Council (CCC) can file for temporary activities to carry out cooperative projects with foreign NGOs in accordance with both the Foreign NGO Law and the Regulations on Religious Affairs. In addition, they described the functions of Foreign NGO Management Offices at the provincial, city, and county levels in Yunnan, requesting the National TSPM and CCC at various levels to strengthen communication and cooperation with their corresponding Foreign NGO Management Offices.

Representatives from the National TSPM and CCC pledged to carry out project activities in accordance with the law they and strictly follow the legal requirements when working with foreign NGOs in the future.

July 19, 2019:

The Hunan Province PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently issued registration certificates to the Hunan representative offices of Gunuo Maijiside (Italy), the Austria-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, and the Malaysia-China Friendship Association, all of which reside in Changsha High-Tech Zone International Science and Technology Business Platform.

Police from the PSB congratulated the three foreign NGOs for registering and setting up representative offices in Hunan. They expressed their hope that the three representative offices would carry out project activities in Hunan in strict accordance with the Foreign NGO law.

The Austria-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association’s chief representative said, "I liked Hunan the first time I visited the province a decade ago. I especially liked Changsha. The service here was great. It is a human place that offers a sense of security and happiness." He further stated that, from the first consultation to the award ceremony, the PSB’s “warm service and efficient work” had left a deep impression on him. Representatives of the three NGOs’ Hunan representative offices unanimously pledged to carry out project activities in strict accordance with the Foreign NGO Law, maintain close communication with their PSUs as well as with the PSB. They also stated they would make positive contributions to the development of Hunan's economic, social, and public welfare sectors.

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