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According to the Global Times, local public security officials in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province issued an administrative warning to Australia-based non-profit Nying-Jey Projects in April for operating in the area without permission. It is not clear from the wording of the Global Times article whether police censured the NGO for failing to register a representative office or for failing to file for a temporary activity.Read more

A Look Back at Foreign NGOs in China in 2020

2020 saw something of a lull in foreign NGO activity in China. According to Ministry of Public Security data, fewer foreign NGOs registered new representative offices or initiated temporary activities than they had in the previous two years. Of course, in a year where China and the rest of the international community had to contend with successive waves of a global pandemic, it is not surprising that foreign NGO activity in the PRC decreased. What...Read more
Over on the Fairbank Center blog, authors Wendy Leutert, Elizabeth Plantan, and Austin Strange explain how foreign NGOs are increasingly working with Chinese state-owned enterprises on projects all over the world. Noting that “many international NGOs are pivoting from working inside China to partnering with Chinese actors to promote development abroad,” the authors explain that a combination of factors—including the Foreign NGO Law and ever smaller pools of money to fund development work inside China—have...Read more
Is Hong Kong about to get its own Foreign NGO Law in the name of ‘national security’? In our Analysis section, Thomas Kellogg and Alison Sile Chen ask how a planned national security law, as announced by the National People’s Congress in Beijing on May 28, might affect the international non-profit sector in Hong Kong. Though any provisions related to foreign NGOs would probably look different than they do in the rest of mainland China,...Read more

No Foreign NGO Representative Offices Registered in May

Last Month Was the First Since January 2017 with No New Registrations
Public security officials did not register any new foreign NGO representative offices in the month of May, marking the first time since the the Foreign NGO Law first took effect in January 2017 that an entire month elapsed without any registrations. During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, authorities were still reporting new registrations, with three new offices registered in January, three in February, and five in March. The current lack of registrations...Read more