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June 15, 2017

What Constitutes “Proof of Funding” When Filing for a Temporary Activity?

What constitutes “proof of funding” when filing for a temporary activity?

In conversation with The China NGO project, multiple NGOs have expressed confusion about the exact documentation required to satisfy the requirement for “proof of funding” (“资金来源证明材料”) when filing for a temporary activity. We are unaware of detailed written guidance on this point, but one NGO reported providing its bank account information and a document detailing where the funding for its activity came from. A second NGO said it provided a bank statement showing that there were adequate funds to support the activity; the NGO’s Chinese Partner Unit submitted this information to its own Professional Supervisory Unit, which did not request any further documentation. (To read further about one NGO’s experiences with temporary activity filing, see our blog post on one of the first foreign NGOs to file for and carry out a temporary activity.)

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