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09.30.15 The Future of Autonomy in Hong Kong
Yesterday, the governing board of Hong Kong University, one of the territory’s most esteemed institutions of higher education, voted to reject the promotion of Johannes Chan, a former law school dean, over the objections of the faculty and students who...
Business, Economy, History, Law, Politics
2 days 21 hours ago
09.22.15 Can the U.S. & China Make Peace in Cyberspace?
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in the United States today on his first state visit. Xi will address a group of American business leadersin Seattle. High on their list of concerns about trade with China is cyber hacking, cyber espionage and...
History, Law, Media, Military, Politics, Science, Technology
5 days 16 hours ago
09.22.15 Xi Jinping’s Message to America
China’s President Xi Jinping addressed an audience of more than 700 American businesspeople in Seattle on Tuesday evening on the first stop on his first state visit to the United States. Regular ChinaFile Contributors who watched the speech offer their...
Economy, Environment, History, Media, Politics, Technology
6 days 23 hours ago
09.16.15 What Would New Breakthroughs on Climate Change Mean for the U.S.-China Relationship?
With just over a week to go before Chinese President Xi Jinping begins his first State Visit to the United States, there is much evidence to suggest that bilateral action to fight climate change is an area most ripe for meaningful Sino-U.S. cooperation....
Business, Economy, Energy, Environment, Law, Politics, Technology
1 week 5 days ago
09.8.15 Advice for Xi Jinping
Later this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Washington for a state visit with President Obama. This week, a group of China experts from America traveled to Beijing to offer their advice to Chinese officials on how to conduct the visit....
History, Law, Politics, Technology
2 weeks 4 days ago
09.2.15 What Is China’s Big Parade All About?
On September 3, China will mark the 70th anniversary of its World War II victory over Japan with a massive parade involving thousands of Chinese troops and an arsenal of tanks, planes, and missiles in a tightly choreographed march across Tiananmen Square...
History, Military, Politics, Technology
3 weeks 6 days ago
08.18.15 How Should the U.S. Conduct the Xi Jinping State Visit?
As tensions increase between China and the United States over the value of the yuan, human rights violations, alleged cyber attacks, and disputed maritime territories, among other issues, how should the Obama administration conduct the upcoming state...
Economy, History, Military, Politics, Society
1 month 3 days ago
08.25.15 Is the Bloom Off the Rose of China’s Economic Miracle?
On Monday, August 24, the Shanghai Composite Index dropped 8.5 percent, its second such steep fall since late July, and its worst since 2007. On Tuesday, stocks fell an additional 7.6 percent. The steep slide translates into more than $4 trillion in...
Business, Economy, Law, Politics
1 month 1 week ago
08.18.15 The Tianjin Explosion
Last week, a deadly chemical explosion shook the city of Tianjin, so far, claiming more than a 100 lives. What is the significance of the explosion? What does its handling indicate about Chinese governance? We asked participants for reactions to blasts...
1 month 2 weeks ago
07.21.15 Is China’s Reform Era Over and, If So, What’s Next?
Fordham Law School professor and regular ChinaFile contributor Carl Minzner says we've arrived at “China After the Reform Era,” a development that’s “not entirely bad” but also has a “dark side.” Minzner’s conclusions, excerpted below, come from a recent...
History, Law, Politics
1 month 3 weeks ago
08.5.15 Should the U.S. Extradite Chinese Wanted by Beijing?
This week, The New York Times reported that Chinese officials have asked the U.S. government to help in apprehending Ling Wancheng, a wealthy Chinese business man and the brother of one of the highest-level officials to have been targeted in Xi Jinping’s...
Business, Economy, Law, Politics
1 month 3 weeks ago
07.29.15 Can Xi Jinping Turn China’s Economy Around?
On Monday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 8.5 percent, erasing all of the gains it had made in an extraordinary run-up this year. The drop was the second 8.5 percent drop in recent weeks. The first such drop (the occasion for the Conversation below)...
2 months 6 days ago
07.14.15 China’s ‘Rule by Law’ Takes an Ugly Turn
Yet another crackdown has begun under Chinese President Xi Jinping. This time, the target is so-called “rights lawyers,” loosely defined as those who defend unpopular or dissident clients, or bring cases against the state that rest on claims of...
Law, Politics
2 months 3 weeks ago
07.8.15 Are China’s Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Meaningful?
Last week, Premier Li Keqiang said China would cut its “carbon intensity”—the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of GDP—to 60-65 percent of 2005 levels by 2030. Visiting Paris, the site in September of the United Nations Climate Change Conference...
Energy, Environment, Science, Technology
2 months 3 weeks ago
07.2.15 How Much Does the Chinese Market Matter to the World?
China’s main market, reflected in the Shanghai Composite Index, has fallen 24 percent since June 12, losing $2.4 trillion in value. While many analysts are focused on the financial crisis in Greece, some are beginning to wonder if China's woes may have a...
Business, Economy, Media, Politics
3 months 4 days ago
06.17.15 Has China’s ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Experiment Failed?
As Hong Kong’s legislature began debate this week on the reform package that could shape the future of the local political system, the former British colony’s pro-democracy lawmakers swore again they will reject electoral reforms proposed by the Chinese...
History, Law, Politics
3 months 2 weeks ago
05.21.15 Censorship and Publishing in China
This week, a new PEN American Center report “Censorship and Conscience: Foreign Authors and the Challenge of Chinese Censorship,” by Alexa Olesen, draws fresh attention to a perennial problem for researchers, scholars, and creative writers trying to...
Arts, Business, Media, Politics
3 months 3 weeks ago
06.11.15 How Will Beijing Treat Myanmar’s Symbol of Democracy?
Jurgen Haacke & David Mathieson
Burmese opposition leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who spent 15 years under house arrest in Myanmar, is visiting the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing for five days this week, through Sunday. Also courted by Japan...
Business, History, Military, Politics
3 months 3 weeks ago
06.6.15 Should the U.S. Change its China Policy and How?
The past several months have seen a growing chorus of calls for the U.S. to take stock of its policy toward China. Some prominent voices have called for greater efforts by the U.S. and China to forge “a substantive sense of common purpose,” while others...
Business, Environment, History, Politics
3 months 3 weeks ago
05.29.15 Did the Game Just Change in the South China Sea? (And What Should the U.S. Do About It?)
As the 14th annual Asia Security Summit—or the Shangri-la Dialogue, as it has come to be known—gets underway in Singapore, we asked contributors to comment on what appears to be a recent escalation in tensions between the U.S. and China over the two...
Energy, Environment, History, Law, Military, Politics
4 months 4 days ago