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November 15, 2017

The Most Active Chinese Partners for Temporary Activities as of October 2017

Though most Chinese Partner Units (CPUs) working with foreign NGOs have only filed for one temporary activity, approximately 18% of CPUs have filed for multiple temporary activities since the beginning of the year. Below, we list the CPUs that have filed for four or more temporary activities in 2017, according to Ministry of Public Security data covering through the end of October, as well as the foreign NGOs with which they worked:


Notably, two of these CPUs are in Beichuan County in Sichuan, which was hard-hit by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake; much of the foreign work in this area is related to disaster prevention.

Most of the CPUs listed above have worked with only one or two foreign NGOs to file multiple temporary activities. The Peking University Education Foundation stands out from this trend in that it has worked with seven different groups to file for temporary activities. Most of these temporary activities have taken the form of scholarship programs.

Translated data from the Ministry of Public Security can be found in our Temporary Activities sortable table.

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