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August 21, 2018

18 Months in, What Do We Know about Chinese Partner Units?

Chinese Partner Units (CPUs) are critical players in the temporary activity process. Not only are they often the on-the-ground implementers of a temporary activity, and their organizational structure, location, and capacity affect what activities will be possible, it is CPUs—not foreign NGOs—that actually submit temporary activity filings to the Public Security Bureaus. Yet, because there is no “white list” of possible CPUs, the range of potential and actual CPUs is wide and somewhat overwhelming. To try and make more sense of CPUs, our latest analysis breaks down what types of organizations have served as such (non-profits, government agencies, hospitals, and others); whether certain types of CPUs are more prevalent in certain provinces than others; and for CPUs that have their own Chinese government “mother-in-law,” or Professional Supervisory Unit, which government bureaucracy they’re affiliated with.

What can this tell us about CPUS in the first 18 months of the Foreign NGO Law’s implementation? The full analysis is available here.

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