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March 19, 2019

Digitization in Fujian, Greater Bay Outreach in Guangdong, and a Symposium in Gansu

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—February 15-25, 2019

February 15, 2019:

The Fujian Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office, along with the Fujian Digital Department, has sped up the groundwork for establishing a “Digital Fujian.” This process of digitization includes the transition to digital certifications for foreign NGOs operating in Fujian. The Public Security Department aims to issue 10 foreign NGO registration certificates before October, and to issue digital versions on a same-day basis. Starting February 15, representatives from foreign NGOs in Fujian are no longer required to provide paper certificates or paper copies of their certificates. Representatives can inquire with relevant departments regarding the necessary materials to obtain a digital certificate.

February 15, 2019:

Recently, Barry & Martin’s Trust (United Kingdom), in collaboration with Nanchang Rainbow Health Advisory Public Services Center, launched Jiangxi Province’s AIDS Care and Assistance Initiative. The Foundation provided special project funding to improve medical treatment for AIDS, decrease mortality rates, and encourage more involvement from volunteers. The Barry & Martin’s Trust will facilitate special talks, volunteer training activities, and establish cooperative relationships between relevant medical facilities.

The Jiangxi PSB Foreign NGO Management Office is grateful for the contribution made by the Barry & Martin’s Trust’s AIDS Care and Assistance Initiative, and enthusiastically welcomes more charitable foreign NGOs to Jiangxi Province to launch law-abiding activities.

February 25, 2019:

The Guangdong PSB Foreign NGO Management Office, in a joint effort with the visiting Hong Kong Central Liaison Office Department of Labor, led a panel discussion on the implementation of the “Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area,” in an effort to promote Hong Kong civil society groups’ activity and exchange in the Greater Bay Area.

An official from the Foreign NGO Management Office discussed the current level of interaction between groups throughout the Greater Bay Area, including their problems and difficulties. A Hong Kong Department of Labor official expressed hope that Guangdong’s Foreign NGO Management Office will make it more convenient for civil society groups to interact and carry out social work exchanges, as well as promote the favorable policies of the Greater Bay Area, while operating under the framework of the law. An official from the Foreign NGO Management Office indicated that the office would actively support the construction of exchange platforms for groups from the Greater Bay Area and provide convenient and efficient services for Hong Kong groups seeking to enter Guangdong.

February 25, 2019:

The Hunan PSB Foreign NGO Management Office issued a registration certificate to the Russian-Chinese Cultural Education Science and Technology Development Foundation. The Foreign NGO Management Office congratulated the Foundation on the establishment of their Hunan office, with the hope that the organization would conduct activities in strict adherence to the law. The Foundation’s Chief Representative expressed gratitude to the Foreign NGO Management Office, agreeing to carry out the Foundation’s activities in accordance with the law. He also pledged to maintain effective communication with its Professional Supervisory Unit in order to further China-Russian technological innovation, talent acquisition, and educational cooperation.

February 25, 2019:

The Tianshui City (Gansu Province) PSB Foreign NGO Management Office recently held a symposium to discuss foreign NGO activities and explain relevant legal policies. The conference featured representatives from the city’s Civil Affairs Bureau, Women’s Federation, Education Bureau, Association for Science and Technology, Poverty Alleviation Office, and staff from every subordinate county and district’s Foreign NGO Management Offices. Also in attendance were foreign NGOs such as France’s Children of Madaifu as well as staff from domestic NGOs.

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