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November 14, 2017

Guangdong Public Security Bureau Talks Foreign NGOs with Cambodia; Beijing, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Shanghai Meet with Registered Foreign NGOs

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—November 3-13, 2017

November 3, 2017:

Today, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) released statistics related to foreign NGO representative office registrations and temporary activity filings for the first 10 months of the year.

November 3, 2017:

Today, Guangdong Public Security Bureau (PSB) Executive Vice Director Li Qingxiong met with Cambodian Member of Parliament Suos Yara, who visited the PSB as part of an inspection team related to the Foreign NGO Law. Li said he hoped Suos’ visit would advance the Guangdong PSB’s cooperation with foreign NGOs from neighboring countries. Li also explained that Guangdong’s physical location means it is a portal to the south, with more and more foreign NGOs active in Guangdong as it deepens reform and opening. Suos indicated that Cambodia should take advantage of China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy to cooperate with with the Guangdong PSB on foreign NGO issues and promote economic and social development. After the meeting, the inspection team went to one of the foreign NGO office’s service windows, where the employee explained how registration and filing is handled and gave the team relevant written materials.

November 3, 2017:

Today, the Guangxi PSB Foreign NGO Management office presented registration certificates to three foreign NGOs: Gratia Foundation (Hong Kong), Grace Vessel (Hong Kong), and Blessing Hands (United States). [The China NGO Project notes that, according to MPS data, Gratia Foundation was officially registered in July 2017.]

November 3, 2017:

“Beijing, Jiangxi, and Chongqing Actively Communicate with Foreign NGOs”: Today, three different provincial PSB Foreign NGO Management Offices met with various foreign NGOs. The Beijing PSB spoke with France Export Céréales, which completed its registration in September, and which presented a “thank you” banner to the PSB for its warm and efficient service. The Jiangxi PSB met with Sowers Action (Hong Kong) and the Jiangxi Province Youth Development Foundation, which The China NGO Project notes is serving as the Chinese Partner Unit for a Sowers Action temporary activity currently underway in Jiangxi. Sowers Action thanked the PSB for their service and help, described their work in China, and brought up specific issues they had encountered during the temporary activity filing process. The Chongqing PSB responded to questions and difficulties as it visited the following four registered foreign NGOs: Pacific Environment (United States), Charity Aid Service Company (Australia), Agriterra (The Netherlands), and Gyonggido Business & Science Accelerator (South Korea). [The China NGO Project notes that, according to MPS data, Agriterra has carried out a temporary activity in Chongqing, but has not registered a representative office.]

November 7, 2017:

On November 3, the Beijing PSB Foreign NGO Management Office hosted a conference for chief representatives of foreign NGOs registered in its jurisdiction. The PSB indicated that it and other relevant government departments are working to make their processes more convenient and create a good atmosphere for foreign NGOs in China.

On November 6, the Shanghai PSB Foreign NGO Management Office held a similar event, noting that it is actively communicating with other relevant entities, including banks, tax authorities, human resources authorities, and social security authorities, to improve services for foreign NGOs. The PSB welcomed more foreign NGOs to come to Shanghai to help establish “four centers (四个中心)”: an international economic center, an international finance center, an international trade center, and an international transport center (国际经济中心、国际金融中心、国际贸易中心、国际航运中心). [These goals for Shanghai’s development were enumerated by the State Council in 2001.]

Videos related to both events can be found on the MPS WeChat account.

November 13, 2017:

Three provincial PSB Foreign NGO Management Offices issued registration certificates to foreign NGOs today. In Jilin, the recipient was South Korea Northeast Asia Foundation For Education And Culture. [According to MPS data, this NGO was officially registered on September 5.] In Chongqing, Agriterra (The Netherlands) received its certificate. And in Hubei, the provincial PSB and Wuhan city PSB issued a registration certificate to Rare (United States).

The Hubei and Wuhan authorities also re-issued a registration certificate to Cheongju Trade Union Discussion Forum (South Korea) after the group changed its chief representative.

November 13, 2017:

Today, both the Jiangxi and Shaanxi PSB Foreign NGO Management Offices conducted outreach to other local government agencies related to the Foreign NGO Law. The Jiangxi PSB met with the Nanchang Branch of the People’s Bank of China and with the Jiangxi branch of the State Administration for Foreign Exchange. In Shaanxi, the PSB met with provincial tourism authorities. In both meetings, PSB representatives explained relevant provisions of the Foreign NGO Law and pledged to work closely with other government counterparts to ensure smooth implementation of the Law.

November 13, 2017:

Today, the Jiangsu PSB Foreign NGO Management Office met with two foreign NGOs in Suzhou: Cyrus Tang Foundation (United States) and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. The NGOs described their work to the PSB; the PSB said that they provide excellent public welfare services and hoped they would continue to do this work in accordance with the law. [Both foreign NGOs were registered in Jiangsu in April.]

Also today, the Chongqing PSB Foreign NGO Management Office met with the chief representative of Humana People to People China’s Yunnan representative office. The Humana representative described the ongoing temporary activity the group is carrying out in Chongqing as well as Humana’s hope to establish a representative office in Chongqing. The PSB official indicated that his office would provide the group convenient services when it applies to register a representative office in Chongqing.

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