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February 9, 2018

Upgrades to Our Temporary Activity and Representative Office Tables

In response to reader feedback, we’ve made two big changes this week to our tables that contain translated Ministry of Public Security information on representative offices and temporary activities.

First, we’ve enabled a filter/search function on the tables that allows users to search in multiple columns simultaneously. So, if you want to know how many temporary activities Australian NGOs have carried out in Henan, for example, you can now determine this by entering “Australia” and “Henan” in the appropriate search boxes. (As of February 9, there are eight of them.)


Second, we’ve added additional information to the temporary activities table related to Chinese Partner Units (CPUs). This includes what kind of organization the CPU is (Non-profit or Foundation; Think Tank or Research Institution; School, College, University, or Training Institution; Party or Government Entity; or Hospital or Medical Center), and, if the CPU is a non-profit, who its Professional Supervisory Unit is (when such information is available). We hope this allows groups seeking to work in China to see what kinds of work, with what kinds of CPUs, has been possible so far—and helps them better navigate the process of finding a willing and informed CPU.

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