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May 30, 2018

What if There Is No Professional Supervisory Unit for the Type of Work My NGO Does?

What should my organization do if there is no appropriate Professional Supervisory Unit for the type of work we do?

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) is approving new Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) to sponsor foreign NGOs, in addition to those that were originally included on the 2017 list of eligible PSUs. As of May 1, at least 11 unlisted PSUs have sponsored foreign NGOs. As the MPS has previously stated, foreign NGOs may request that the MPS or local public security bureau add a new PSU to the list. If new PSUs are willing to act as sponsors, this might ameliorate difficulties certain foreign NGOs have experienced when their fields of work were not clearly represented on the initial 2017 list.

However, the issue of PSUs choosing not to sponsor any foreign NGOs remains a problem, according to multiple groups who have spoken with The China NGO Project. Even if they find PSUs in their fields, a large number of potential PSUs have remained unresponsive to overtures from foreign NGOs. A graphic showing eligible PSUs, including those which are and are not currently sponsoring a foreign NGO, is available here.

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