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April 23, 2017

Welcome to The China NGO Project

On January 1, China began enforcement of its Law on the Management of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations’ Activities in the People’s Republic of China. Several weeks later, we initiated The China NGO Project to try to help readers better understand the effects of this law and how it is being implemented on the ground. We’ve organized The China NGO Project website to address this subject from a number of different angles. We’ve compiled relevant laws, regulations, forms, and guides (and their English translations) in the Laws & Regulations section; we’ve assembled a set of online resources and reading materials in the Resources and Links sections; we’ve collected a list of basic questions from NGO staff and then provided preliminary answers to them in our FAQ section; and we’ve begun to evaluate what we’re seeing and hearing in our Analysis section.

We’ll be using this part of the site, “Latest,” for regular updates on what we’re learning in our conversations with practitioners, regulators, and experts and to highlight updates elsewhere on the site. Though we’ll be devoting much of our attention to providing factual information and answers to practical and technical questions, we’re also thinking about some bigger-picture questions that have come up over the course of our initial research. We’ve appreciated hearing a wide range of perspectives about the law itself, its implementation thus far, and the larger implications for China and its interaction with the world. We hope that readers will view the site not just as a space to find out about others’ experiences but also as a means to share their own. We invite you to actively participate in expanding the site, whether that is through sending in your own FAQs, providing additional information, or writing in to share your thoughts more generally. A range of contact options is outlined on our About page.


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