Rogier Creemers grew up in Belgium, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Sinology at the University of Leuven after spending a year at Peking University studying the Chinese language. Creemers got his Master's degree in International Relations (Leuven, 2006), and subsequently at Maastricht University wrote a doctoral dissertation attempting to explain media piracy in China from the point of view of media control, and assess the potential impact of international trade law on this phenomenon. In 2012, Creemers joined the Program for Comparative Media Law and Policy at the University of Oxford, where he coordinates a capacity-building project supporting media law reform in China and is and working on a Dutch Rubicon Scholarship to research the development of Chinese Internet Law. He is preparing a monograph on the development of public communications law in China, paying particular attention to the historical and philosophical factors that shaped it. Apart from his academic writing, Creemers also regularly publishes op-ed articles in various outlets, including openDemocracy and the China Law Blog, as well as in Belgian and Dutch newspapers. He is the editor of the China Copyright and Media website.

Last Updated: May 31, 2017



Is This the Best Response to China’s Cyber-Attacks? 

Robert Daly, Chen Weihua & more
On Monday, the United States Attorney General Eric Holder accused China of hacking American industrial giants such as U.S. Steel and Westinghouse Electric, making unprecedented criminal charges of cyper-espionage against Chinese...

Sinica Podcast


Rectifying Chinese Names

Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn & more from Sinica Podcast
Living in a community of China watchers, we are unceasingly assaulted by words and phrases for which definitions are unclear, or ambiguous, or over which there is controversy or disagreement. And so, bearing Confucius’ admonition that the most...



What’s Behind China’s Recent Internet Crackdown?

Xiao Qiang, John Garnaut & more
Last weekend, Charles Xue Manzi, a Chinese American multi-millionaire investor and opinion leader on one of China’s most popular microblogs, appeared in handcuffs in an interview aired on China Central Television (CCTV). Xue is just the most visible...



What Will Come out of the Communist Party’s Polling the People Online?

David Wertime, Duncan Clark & more
David Wertime:Simon Denyer’s recent article (“In China, Communist Party Takes Unprecedented Step: It Is Listening,” The Washington Post, August 2, 2013) provides a valuable look at some of the ways that Chinese authority mines domestic micro-...