Zhou Na

Zhou Na is an independent photographer and multimedia storyteller from China. She has worked as a freelancer based in Beijing since 2015. She was chosen as one of nine fellows of Magnum Foundation’s Photography and Social Justice Program in 2017.

Zhou started her career in rural China. In 2012, she participated in a documentary project, “Left-Behind: The Rural Elderly,” co-produced by IFChina. This photography project enabled her and her seven project partners to go back to their own villages and visit hundreds of left-behind senior citizens living alone in order to document their experiences, stories, and feelings. The photographs and films were exhibited at factories and universities in Guangdong province. After, Zhou joined IFChina Original Studio, a non-governmental organization based in China’s southeastern Jiangxi province. IFChina is one of the nation’s pioneer organizations in the field of community art development.

Zhou has collaborated with various news outlets and non-profits, including ChinaFile, Sixth Tone, Tencent, iFeng News, NetEase, Greenpeace, and Goethe-Institut China, and she has worked as a video reporter at The Paper. She has covered a wide range of stories throughout China, including the Tianjin explosion, pneumoconiosis, food safety, environmental pollution, female migrant labor, and more.

Zhou received a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism English in 2009 and a graduate degree in Design Aesthetics in 2012.

Last Updated: August 8, 2018



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