Yiwu's Purveyors of Christmas Tat Give China a Dose of Ho-Ho-Ho

Leo Lewis
Times & Sunday Times
China’s Christmas lights used to be only in Shanghai and Beijing, but now brisk sales are going to small provincial city shops. 

Food For Thought

The Economist
Food companies play an ambivalent part in the fight against flab. China's packaged food sales are 3-4 times their 2002 level. 

China May Delay Plan to Reform Income Distribution

Feifei Shen
Analysts are focused on how quickly China’s new leaders will implement economic changes to spur a shift to a consumerism. 

China's Consumer-led Growth

Official data show that consumption contributed over half of China's growth so far this year, more than investment's contribution.



Crossing the River by Feeling for Stones: A New Approach to Exporting Creative Content to China?

Hasan Bakhshi and Philippe Schneider
We have all heard the statistics. About how China is forecast to overtake the U.S. to be the largest economy in the world by 2027. How China already has 277 million mobile web users, of which 45 percent use their handsets to access music and 21 per...



China’s Rising Consumer Class Sparks Climate Change Fears

Craig Simons
TUOJIA VILLAGE, China—When you think about China’s growing greenhouse gas emissions, you probably don’t think of people like Zhang Chao or his father Zhang Dejun. Zhang Chao, a thirty-five-year-old middle school teacher living in small city in...