Son Of Chinese Official Jailed After Attempted Bribe And Threat

James Griffiths
At a meeting he had requested to discuss a 37 percent mark he had recently received on his dissertation (3 percentage points short of a pass) Li Yang offered £5,000 (47,000 yuan). He also came armed with an air pistol.  

Oxford Stars Building New China Center

New York Times
Oxford University breaks ground on Dickson Poon China Center, with £10 million from Hong Kong philanthropist.



Crossing the River by Feeling for Stones: A New Approach to Exporting Creative Content to China?

Hasan Bakhshi and Philippe Schneider
We have all heard the statistics. About how China is forecast to overtake the U.S. to be the largest economy in the world by 2027. How China already has 277 million mobile web users, of which 45 percent use their handsets to access music and 21 per...