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Last Updated: July 7, 2016

A Slowdown is Good for China and the World

Michael Pettis
Financial Times
What the rest of the world needs from China is not faster growth but more demand. Rebalancing will provide that, although the trade surplus will probably rise before it begins to decline. This will result in falling prices for hard commodities, and...

The Return of Activist Journalism in China

Haiyan Wang
Financial Times
We journalists in China live in a paradoxical universe. There is much you in the west know that we do not, though some of it we can pick up from those websites to which we have access. We pick up news, for example, about the fate of Bo Xilai, the...

Nationalist and Liberal Spar in Beijing Park (With Ai Weiwei Cameo)

David Pilling
Financial Times
In China, as is doubtless the case elsewhere, the distinction between online and offline is blurring. That presents the Communist party with a potentially dangerous problem. Online comment can serve a useful official function, allowing people to...

Chinese Architect Blasts Demolition Culture

Mure Dickie
Financial Times
The Chinese winner of architecture’s most prestigious award has criticised the wanton demolition that has left many of the nation’s cities fragmented and almost unrecognisable to their citizens. The comments from Wang Shu, who will on Friday receive...

Blinded by the (Solar) Light

Kelly Sims Gallagher and Kevin P...
Financial Times
The Obama Administration’s preliminary decision to impose a 31 per cent tariff on solar panels imported from China is short sighted. The move could cause a trade war, hurt the US economy, jeopardize US security interests, and put the world further...

Review of "Shi Cheng: Short Stories from Urban China"

David Evans
Financial Times
It is true that there are no direct references here to human rights violations, to Tiananmen or Tibet. But the pieces included in Shi Cheng (Ten Cities)—are far from uncritical of the status quo.

Zhou Yongkang Gives Up Security Role

Jamil Anderlini
Financial Times
China’s powerful chief of domestic security has relinquished day-to-day control of the country’s police, courts and spy networks in the wake of the most serious political scandal to hit the country in decades, according to senior Communist party...

Apple Q2: It's All About China

Pan Kwan Yuk and Richard Waters
Financial Times
Consider this little tibit that came out of the conference call for Apple’s second quarter results on Tuesday: Sales in greater China during the first half of the year totaled $12.4bn, compared to $13.3bn for the WHOLE of 2011.