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Last Updated: July 7, 2016

China: Witnessing the Birth of a Superpower

Jonathan Watts
When I moved to Beijing in August 2003, I believed I had the best job in the world: working for my favourite newspaper in the biggest nation at arguably the most dramatic phase of transformation in its history. In the past decade, it has given me a...

Chinese Ambassador Dismisses Fears over Confucius Institutes

Tania Branigan
China's ambassador to Britain has accused critics of its overseas language and culture training centres of "cold war thinking", after an LSE professor questioned whether universities should host the Confucius Institutes.

11 Flowers - Review

Noémi Luciani
Eleven-year-old Wang Han lives in a small factory township hidden in the mountains of Guizhou province, southern China. The year is 1975 but he is unaware of the Cultural Revolution. He only sees some of the more distant ramifications of Mao's...

Neil Heywood Death Investigation Reopened

Associated Press
A prominent American forensic scientist said that Chinese police asked him to analyse an unidentified blood sample, in a possible link to a spiralling political scandal surrounding the death of a British man. Henry Lee said police did not directly...

China Daily to Publish African Edition

David Smith
China's biggest English-language newspaper is to publish a weekly African edition with bureaux in at least two countries on the continent. The African operation of the state-run China Daily will generate a range of Africa-specific content.

Can short fiction take us to China?

Richard Lea
It all started with a question from the translator Nicky Harman: "What are you going to do about the market focus on China at the London Book Fair?" Well, I don't know, I just stared at my cup—we were in the Guardian canteen, of...