Demand-Side Management in China

Barbara Finamore, Dr. Hu Zhaoguang, Li Weizheng, Lei Tijun, Dai Yande, Zhou Fuqiu, Yang Zhirong,
Natural Resources Defense Council
A major challenge for China’s policy makers is to determine how best to provide the necessary energy to fuel China’s extraordinary economic growth. The traditional approach has been to rely on increasing the supply of conventional energy resources,...



Fuel Cell Vehicle Development in China

Jingjing Qian, Barbara Finamore, and Tina Clegg
Sara Segal-Williams
Natural Resources Defense Council
Hydrogen fuel cells (FCs) are one of the most promising new technologies of the twenty-first century for electricity generation. Because a fuel cell directly converts the chemical energy of hydrogen fuel to electrical energy without burning the fuel...



Beginning the Journey: China, the United States, and the WTO

Chair: Robert D. Hormats Director: Elizabeth C. Economy
Elizabeth Economy
Council on Foreign Relations
The main finding of this report is that both the United States and China will run risks as Beijing moves ahead with membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), but the potential payoffs for both countries are well worth it. It also points out...