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China’s Role in Illegal Trade of Toxic E-Waste Rising Sharply

<p>Discarded smartphones and other gadgets are poisoning the environment and people in developing countries, where most of the world’s electronic waste (e-waste) is being dumped illegally and now involves criminal gangs, the UN’s environment...



Hong Kong’s Not That Special, And Beijing Should Stop Saying It Is

Alvin Y.H. Cheung
<p class="dropcap">As political wrangling in Hong Kong <a href=";_r=0" target="...



The Future of NGOs in China

Isabel Hilton, Carl Minzner & more
<p>Last week, China’s National People’s Congress released the second draft of a new law on “Managing Foreign NGOs.” Many foreign non-profits in China have operated in a legal gray area over the years. The law [full English translation <a...

Two Way Street


We Need to Stay Coolheaded

Zhu Feng
<p class="dropcap">In recent years, a noticeable change has occurred in China-U.S. relations. The “problem areas” where the two countries tend to clash are increasing in both number and scope, and there has been a greater degree of...

Caixin Media


The Urgency of Continuing with Reform

<p>Concern about the middle-income trap has grabbed public attention again. The minister of finance, Lou Jiwei, recently said at Tsinghua University that China had a “50-50 chance” of sliding into it in the next five to 10 years. However, many...



Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Yaqiu Wang
<p>On the morning of <a href="">March 16</a>, 48-year-old Huang Shunfang went to her local hospital located in Fanghu Township in the central Chinese...



Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Chinese Fugitives

Alexa Olesen
<p>Meet China’s 100 international most-wanted: a history professor, a driving instructor, and a government propaganda office cashier. Chinese graft-busters want you to know that one of them might be your neighbor.</p><p>On April 22...

China, Africa, and the PRC’s Massive New Development Bank

Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden & more
<p>Fifty-seven countries, including two from Africa, are among the founding members of China’s new development bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). While the new bank’s primary objective will be to develop infrastructure...



Will China’s New Anti-Terrorism Law Mean the End of Privacy?

Scott D. Livingston
<p class="dropcap">A newly drafted Chinese <a href="" target="_blank">anti-terrorism law</a>, if enacted in its current form, will empower Beijing to expand its...

Sinica Podcast


Cyber Leninism and the Political Culture of the Chinese Internet

Kaiser Kuo, David Moser & more
<p>Kaiser Kuo and David Moser speak with Rogier Creemers, post-doctoral fellow at Oxford with a focus on Chinese Internet governance and author of the <a href="" target="_blank...



‘Wolf Totem’ Trainer Sees Risks, Rewards for Hollywood in China

<p>Wolf trainer <a href="" target="_blank">Andrew Simpson</a> has just wrapped up three years in Beijing coaching wolves to perform in the film version of the novel <em>Wolf...



Frank Talk About Hong Kong’s Future from Margaret Ng

Margaret Ng, Ira Belkin & more
<p><em>Following is the transcript of a recent ChinaFile <em>Breakfast</em> with Margaret Ng, the former Hong Kong legislator in discussion with Ira Belkin of New York University Law School and Orville Schell, ChinaFile...



New Chinese Cyberattacks: What’s to Be Done?

Steve Dickinson, Jason Q. Ng & more
<p>Starting last week, hackers foiled a handful of software providers that promote freedom of information by helping web surfers in China reach the open Internet. The <a href="



China’s Government Is Serious About Fundamentally Reshaping Itself

Rebecca Liao
<p>Respected China scholar David Shambaugh recently set off a firestorm among other China specialists when he <a href="">predicted the collapse</a> of...



China Court to Hear NGO Lawsuit Targeting Polluter’s Profits

<p>An environmental group has filed a lawsuit for 30 million yuan (U.S.$4.8 million) to seek compensation from a Shandong chemical company for pumping out harmful substances—a legal action thought to be the first public interest litigation for...