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BBC News gathers and produces national daily news, business, political and current affairs programmes on BBC television and radio.

It is also responsible for the continuous news channels BBC News 24, BBC Parliament, BBC World, interactive services, Ceefax and the BBC News website.

BBC News is highly respected both in the UK and around the world, from the World Service which reaches a global audience of more than 150 million listeners with hundreds of bulletins in more than 40 languages every day, to the BBC's flagship television news programme The Ten O'Clock news programme on BBC One.

The breadth and depth of BBC news coverage is unrivalled, with subject specialists who can throw a spotlight on people and stories which are not widely known.

The bulk of programming comes from the news centre in Television Centre, west London - the largest such operation in the world.

Political programming, including the BBC Parliament channel, is based in the heart of Westminster at Millbank while international radio programming comes from the home of World Service - Bush House in central London.

Around 3,500 people work for BBC News, both across the UK and in key news bureaux around the world.

You can find more information about BBC News on our Newswatch site, and on ourWikipedia entry.

Last Updated: July 7, 2016

China 'Seizes' Eight Taiwanese from Kenya

The incident comes as cross-strait relations are feared to be entering a rocky period.

China Restricts North Korea Trade over Nuclear Tests

China is announcing bans on gold and some coal imports and jet fuel exports, in line with UN sanctions.

Rights Activist Ni Yulan 'Barred from Leaving' China

Ni Yulan planned to travel this week to the U.S. to accept the International Women of Courage Award, but she was refused a passport.

China Editor Resigns over Media Censorship

Under the "reason for resignation" section, he wrote: "Unable to bear your surname".

China ‘Detained 20 over Xi Resignation Letter’

John Sudworth
The letter focuses on what it says is Xi's “gathering of all power” in his own hands and restrictions on freedom of speech.

China Vaccine Scandal: 37 Arrested

Authorities had known about it since April last year, but they only made the news public last Friday.

China Opens a New University Every Week

Andreas Schleicher
In 2013, 40% of Chinese graduates completed their studies in a Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subject—more than twice the share of US graduates.

China Approves New Five-Year Plan as Li Reassures on Economy

The National People's Congress ended with a new five-year plan, aiming for 6.5-7% growth a year by 2020.

China Corruption Crackdown ‘Netted 300,000 in 2015’

China's ruling Communist Party says it punished nearly 300,000 officials last year for corruption.

Why You Should Care about China's National People's Congress

Karishma Vaswani
It is an opportunity to gauge what Chinese leaders may be thinking about the economy.

Married at 16: How a Story of Young Love Gripped China

Pictures of the baby-faced couple from Guangxi province in their wedding outfits went viral on social networks earlier this week.

A Misty-Eyed Ode to China's Leader from a Deputy Editor

John Sudworth
A poem written by deputy editor at Xinhua in tribute to President Xi has gone viral, although that should not be taken as a sign of literary merits.

Why Does China Have Women-Only Mosques?

The old capital of the Song Dynasty is home to women-only mosques with female prayer leaders.

Hong Kong Clashes as Police Clear Food Stalls

Over 90 people have been injured, and 61 arrested, following clashes in Hong Kong's Mong Kok district.

Shandong: Miners Rescued After 36 Days

Four Chinese miners who had been trapped underground for 36 days have been rescued, Chinese state media say.